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Join Salem Witches Christian Day and Leanne Marrama for an irreverent journey into magic on Wednesday nights from 9pm - 11pm Eastern. We also welcome the leading lights of Witchcraft and magic as our guests in an unabashed exploration of the occult. Be sure to call (347) 308-8731 with your questions and don't forget to join us in the chat!

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Tune in live for Hex Education, an irreverent Witchcraft radio show featuring your hosts, Warlocks Christian Day and Brian Cain. For this segment, we'll be speaking with Salem Witch Sandra Mariah Power, High Priestess of both the Alexandrian and the Gardnerian Tradition and former First Officer of the Northeast Local Council of The Covenant of the Goddess, about nature versus nurture in the Craft! Are Witches born? Are they made? Or, is it a combination of the two? Find out in this enlightening magical discussion! Call (347) 308-8731 with questions for the guest and be sure to join us in the chatroom where you can interact with other listeners!
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Join us at 9:00 PM EST for Hex Education radio with Christian Day, Leanne Marrama! We'll be joined by Lillee Allee and our producer Demetrius to speak to Celeste Heldstab author of "Llewellyn's Complete Formulary of Magical Oils" as... more

Join hosts Christian Day and Leanne Marrama in a discussion about talismans, and magical charms, something witches have used and created over the many centuries, a powerful tool and amulet to bring and creat joy and success and... more

Join hosts Christian Day and Leanne Marrama as they interview Witchdoctor Utu from the Dragon Ritual Drumemrs as he discusses his drumming troupes music, and releases for the first time the new DRD single for people to hear on... more

Join Hosts Christian Day and Leanne Marrama in a discussion about the various tools witches implement in their magic, ritual and daily practice, join us in this discussion Wednesday March 20th at 9:00 PM EST.

Join your hosts Christian Day and Leanne Marrama for HEX Education Radio as they welcome Christian's first teacher, Salem's Official Witch Laurie Cabot to talk about Witchcraft as a Science. While the two concepts may seem... more

Join Host Christian Day in a discussion about altars to the dead, what their uses are and how they can help you expand your understanding of the deceased, and how they can help you grow as a person, both emotionally and magically,... more

Join hosts Christian day and Leanne Marrama in a powerful and interesting discussion, how the internet and the digital world has shaped the craft and where it may end up, the internet has opened the door to many people to recieve... more

join Hosts Christian Day, And Leanne Marrama in a discussion about the methods of protecion magic, and the magic to use to afterwards to defend your self, learn how how to protect your self, your family and add some magical flourish to your... more

Join hosts Christian Day and Leanne Marrama for a very special show as we interview Salem Witch and owner of Crow Haven Corner Lorelei, Salem's famous Love clairvoyant! she will dispense some of her knowledge on Love and Love... more

Join Host Christian Day, and Co-Host Leanne Marrama as they interview Dalton Miller "Ti Kalfou" a Servetor and Caballo of 21 Divisions Dominican Vodou, he will discuss the magical traditions, history, and similarities and dissimilarites to... more
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