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Join Salem Witches Christian Day and Leanne Marrama for an irreverent journey into magic on Wednesday nights from 9pm - 11pm Eastern. We also welcome the leading lights of Witchcraft and magic as our guests in an unabashed exploration of the occult. Be sure to call (347) 308-8731 with your questions and don't forget to join us in the chat!

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Tune in live for Hex Education, an irreverent Witchcraft radio show featuring your hosts, Warlocks Christian Day and Brian Cain. This segment is an open mic night, where we'll talk about a cauldron full of magical topics ... and whatever we might want to rant about at the moment! Call (347) 308-8731 with questions for the guest and be sure to join us in the chatroom where you can interact with other listeners!
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In honor of the proud nation of Haiti, Christian and Lori welcome Lilith Dorsey author of the book "Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism" and the DVD "Bodies of Water-Voodoo Identity and Transformation". Lilith Dorsey has spent years... more

The mother of Dianic Feminist Wicca and longtime Tarot reader Z. Budapest, famous for beginning the fight to legalize Tarot readings many years ago, returns for one of our Tarot Topics specials here on HEX Education. She joins... more

Strega Witches Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor return to HEX Education to speak with Christian and Lori about the upcoming classes on the Old Ways of Witchcraft, to be held at OMEN in Salem throughout the year. We'll explore... more

Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley returns to HEX Education to talk about her new book, "The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology" with Salem Witches Christian Day and Lori Bruno. Those powerful spirit forces that are said to have... more

Salem's own Tattoo Priestess Mulysa Mayhem returns to HEX Education to speak more with Lori and Christian about the magical power of tattooing. Mulysa will be talking about her new shop in Beverly, Massachusetts, called GOOD MOJO, and... more

Starrfire Price, Webmistress of PaganSpace.net, joins Salem Witches Christian Day and Lori Bruno to talk about her fantastic site and the massive power of online networking for Witches and Pagans. Centuries ago, Witches often had to... more

Many people these days have heard of Kabbalah. Celebrities like Madonna and Ashton Kutcher have trumpeted its wisdom which has both increased its popularity and at the same time caused some to deride it as just another contemporary... more

Witch Media expert Peg Aloi of the Witches' Voice joins Christian and Lori for a night of Witch Cinema. Discover the real magic in the movies as we talk about some of the ways that Witchcraft and magic have been woven into motion... more

High Priestess Regan, musician, singer, and the founder of the Society for the Preservation of Faerie Arts, joins Christian and Lori to talk about her sublimely magical music. We'll hear some selections from her albums Sellisternia and... more

Lori and Christian talk about the craze of the recent October's Festival of the Dead, the fun of Halloween, the Witches' Ball, and the crazy stuff that goes on at the busiest time of the year in Salem!
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