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Real Talk with Hershey and Golden


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Current events, Politics, Relationships, Celebrity news, Conspiracy Theories, Fashion, Social Awareness, Reality Shows... Real Talk About It All

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How efficient has the black lives matter movement been in the face of the police? Where are they when black lives take black lives? Do we care more when a police shoots our own moreso than when we kill or harm each other? Have we... more

Ladies, do we listen to men (our men) when they talk to us? Do we listen to respond or do we listen to understand? Men, do you listen to your woman when they talk to you, or do you tune out? Communication is one of the reasons, well... more

From memes to interesting Facebook statuses, we both have different timelines, we're discussing what we've seen.

Do you vote? Why? How does the black vote really affect the black community? Electing a new president! It's looking like it's boiling down to Hillary & Trump. Is there a lesser of two evils? How does the Black's Law Dictionary and Poltics tie... more

Tonight we'll scratch the surface into what Moorish Science is with our special guest Mike Larry El. Who are the Moors? Are we Moors? Why are we called Black? What does that fez represent? Do we have to go through a certain... more

Beyonce dropped the song Formation and it has everyone, literally EVERYONE has an opinion about her. Why though? What is it? She has Caucasians pissed about her proclaimed militancy. Speaking of the militancy, what's up with that?... more

Weave has not only become a huge debate amongst people but its become a million dollar industry. Weave has allowed for women to transform into her favorite reality superstar! Why has it become such a phenomenom? Back in the day... more

Child support orders and the talk of it causes an argument between men and women who don't even have children with each other, find themselves arguing. Men think that child support shouldn't go toward rent and utilities. It should... more

The black dollar stays in the black community for approximately, 6 hours. This is just long enough to get a man's hair cut and the woman's hair done. In other communities their dollar may stay for days and in some, it doesn't leave at all.... more

Join us as we kick off our inaugural show as we discuss, Cheating. Are men, "Naughty by Nature?" Do women make men cheat? Can we possibly say that just because men cheat that it doesn't mean that he doesn't love that woman he's... more