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Welcome to Herpin' Time radio. A talk show dedicated to reptiles and amphibians both in captivity and in the wild. The shows airs every Wednesday at 6 PM Eastern time and runs for 60 minutes. Listeners are encouraged to call in to the broadcast at 310 982-4202. Hosts are Justin Guyer & JD Hartzel. Herpin' Time Radio is brought to you by Darin Taylor of Taylor Made Morphs , Bonnie & Don Hyatt of Newts tees , Flexwatt Heat tape, David's fine Geckos, Extremehogs.com

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Join HTR for a show on the care of Dendrobates Poison Arrow Frogs and find out the Best beginner dart Frogs. Make sure to tune in for a special offer on Great beginner dart frogs at Josh's Frogs, Just for HTR Listeners !!!... more
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Herpin Time Radio is proud to announce that we will be working with the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA). This will be the first of many episodes with the ASA. Candace Hansen, the Communications Director; and Reid Harris, the... more

Join HTR as we welcome Don Becker of Herp Mapper. Herp Mapper is a world wide data base we will find out more about on this show. Don also developed apps for NAFHA , PARS and Herp mapper for easy record adding in the... more

Join HTR as we Spotlight Doug Mong & James Tintle's Book Honduran Milksnakes And Get a chance to Win this Awesome Book Lampros Rock !!! John F Taylor Going to be the Co host For this Show.. Sit back And enjoy.... more

Join Herpin Time Radio for this awesome show on Feb.5 Guest of the show include Andrea Howlett - President of the NE Chapter Mike Kirby - Vice President Steve Staedtler - secretary JD Hartzel - Conservation officer Mike Van Valen -... more

Join HTR for this special show with Ty Park and talk about the many species of Reptiles he breeds. Tegu lizards species Iguana Species and many more.. Ty Also has done alot of Great things for Reptiles Find out Wednesday.

Join HTR as we welcome Back our friend Dav Kaufman to talk more about the Majestic Reptiles. And all the great Species hes working with. Check out http://www.majesticreptiles.com/

On this special two hour episode of HTR we will be talking to many of the people who are behind the inaugural Texas Rattlesnake Festival. The Texas Rattlesnake Festival will be an all educational, family oriented event where no animals will... more

Join HTR as We welcome Dr. Robert Sprackland and talk about Varanus to Tupinambis. We will Cover all his Great Books. Im honored to have Him on the Show. Heres a link to one of my Favorite Books Dr. Sprackland Wrote.... more

On this episode of HTR we welcome back guest Jeff Holmes, the executive director of the Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy (ARC). In 2013 the ARC was behind some hugely successful wetlands restoration projects in Ohio that Jeff is... more

On this episode of HTR we welcome Vinny Ferraiolo from Off The Ark. Off The Ark is a company specializing in the breeding and distribution of a wide varity of reptiles, amphibians, and invertabrates. Check out Off The Ark at:... more
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