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Welcome to Herpin' Time radio. A talk show dedicated to reptiles and amphibians both in captivity and in the wild. The shows airs every Wednesday at 6 PM Eastern time and runs for 60 minutes. Listeners are encouraged to call in to the broadcast at 310 982-4202. Hosts are Justin Guyer & JD Hartzel. Herpin' Time Radio is brought to you by Darin Taylor of Taylor Made Morphs , Bonnie & Don Hyatt of Newts tees , Flexwatt Heat tape, David's fine Geckos, Extremehogs.com

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Join HTR as we welcome back Zach Brinks of Josh's Frogs to talk about Dendrobates and other Frog species. Also learn about Feeder insect care for Poison Arrow Frogs. Tune in Check out Josh"s frogs... more
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John F. Taylor from the Reptile Apartment rejoins HTR for a night jam packed with good herp information. Check out the Reptile Apartment at: http://reptileapartment.com/

Join HTR as we welcome Jamie Guarino of Snake Hunters TV we are going to talk all about snake hunters TV Check out Snake hunters TV http://www.youtube.com/snakehunterstv

Eggs are popping open like popcorn at the Guyer Ranch so Jd and Justin are going to take some time to see what all is going on in the incubators. We may also have some surprise callers. Make sure to tune in, you never know what is... more

Join HTR as we welcome Dan Krull to the show to talk about Herp nation. Check out Herp Nation http://www.herpnation.com http://www.smallscalefilms.com/ http://www.herpnation.com/audio/dks-10-2012/?simple_nav_category=audio

Our Herpin' Time Radio Official Approved Reptile Veterinarian comes back to visit with us as well as python breeder Nick Boles. Both are good friends of the show and this episode is going to be all about kicking back and talking... more

Join the HTR crew on Independence Day as we welcome the world's only stand up comic snake-handling magician Daryl Sprout to the show to talk about Daryl's very unique approach to reptile education. Check out Daryl's work at:... more

Join HTR as we welcome Robyn Markland to talk about many reptile related things including his latest project The Reptile Report! The Reptile Report is a major resource covering anything and everything related to the herp hobby and... more

Our good friend, movie producer, and herper Dav Kaufman returns to HTR to continue the discussion we started during our one year special about the fungus that is ravaging populations of timber rattlesnakes in the east and to give... more

Join HTR as we welcome Alek Hairapetian & Matt Johnson of Extreme Exotic Reptiles. Check out the show to learn more. Extreme Exotic Reptile facebook page... more

Join HTR for a 2 hour show as we remember the year.. and guests. All people that were Guest Please call in to the show 310 982-4202 . Come join the party as we celebrate one year of being on the air!
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