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Branches of the Hero Initiative Group (www.heroinitiativegroup.com), along with guest speakers, come together to share and discuss timely info, safety tips, survival skills, and geeky fun.

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Episode 58 - A 90-minute Holiday Episode What's your favorite part of Halloween? We have many: CANDY!!, costumes, ghost stories, pranks, the Great Pumpkin, and so much more. We invite you to call or chat in to discuss any of... more

All Hunger-Games fantasies aside, what does it take to be a "Warrior" today? Join Rock and Spectre as we talk with members of the Nation's top fundraising Warrior Dash team, The MissFits 4 Life, who've just completed their third annual... more

Terrorism, Police Brutality, Natural Disasters ... the world is full of negativity and fear. Where's the balance? Who will save us? Heroes, who else?? This week we bring you stories of people (like you and me) committing acts of... more

Combating Compassion Fatigue: Staying Sane While Doing All The Things When we're told to give 110%, what does that leave for our own recuperation and rest? What about when helping others FEELS like you're building yourself up... but is... more

NEWSFLASH: St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A DRUNKEN MORON. Join us as our favorite "Uncle" and "Auntie," aka Jason Ira Ui'Raghallaigh Reibold and Allison Sakura Tora Yahata explain the... more

Do you know what to do in the event of a community emergency? Would you like to? Join us as we listen and learn while Hawt Flash walks us through Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) basics, training, stories and the reasons... more

Got something you wanna say? Promote? Sing? Bitch about? Wanna propose on the air? Wanna chat? Here's your chance to reach a bigger adience. Join us on a special night as we "broadcast" TRIBE's OPEN MIC show from the Magic... more

Thomas Strange was our first guest on TRIBE radio, over a year ago. There isn't enough room here for all of Tom's highlights, but here are a few. Tom has owned and performed in his own wrestling company rode a scooter from San... more

Got something you wanna say? Promote? Sing? Bitch about? Wanna propose on the air? TRIBE RADIO's got an average of 1,000 listeners per show. Here's your chance to reach a bigger audience. OPEN MIC NIGHT! Starting TONIGHT and... more

TRIBE TURNS ONE YEAR OLD! It's time to celebrate our 1-year anniversary! With close to 40,000 listens, it's been a great year for TRIBE radio. We invite you to listen/call/chat-room in as we talk about our favorite shows, our... more
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