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Welcome to The Hereafter is Now Network, we have a whole week of shows lined-up designed to raise the Consciousness of Our People!! SCHEDULED SHOWS are as follows : * Thursdays * Global Peeks w/Brian E. Muhammad *6:00-8:00pm Est ; Fridays * What's the 411/911? w/Rudolph and Lachele Muhammad 6-7:30pm Est * Saturdays *A Nation Without Borders* *Friendship in All Walks of Life* *What's the 411/911?* *All Things Conscious* 7-8pm Est * Sundays * Queendom of Goddess 7:00pm- 9:00pm Est * Please show your love and support for each show, they're All dynamic** Click on the FOLLOW button to the left of this message to stay updated with upcoming shows, scheduled times and changes (if any)... Also click on the message box if you'd like to request a show with us and we will respond promptly... Thank you !! Peace and Blessings **

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Global Peeks discusses United States/Cuba relations with Brian Becker, the National Coordinator of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition that has fought against the U.S. Empire half century aggression on Cuba and efforts of regime change. President Barack Obama has moved to lift the sanctions and end the hostility between the two nations. However after 50 + year of Embargo, numerous assassination attempts on Fidel Castro & illegal spying & meddling, can the U.S. be trusted? Mr. Becker will discuss the implications and the victory of the remaining Cuban 5 being released after unjustly serving 16 yrs as Political Prisoners in the U.S. Brian Becker has been a central organizer of the mass anti-war demonstrations that have taken place in Washington, D.C. & around the US over the past decade.
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ASA~ Family, please tune in for another episode of Dianetically Speaking with our special guest: Student Minister Tony Muhammad,, we're very excited and the focus of this program is Listening !!! We will also delve into Deliberative... more

ASA~ Family please tune in to hear our extraordinary Warrior Brother Leo Muhammad from London,UK, as he give us insight on what's happening in London, reparations, unity and other issues that affect Our People !!! A Nation... more

Global Peeks looks at US repression, persecution and some lessons in the struggle against it in light of the police onslaught of Black people & the newly released Senate Report on the CIA interrogation of political prisoners at various... more

Tonight I will play part#39 and part#48 of the Time and What Must Be Done by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan..... Why the Transgenic seed and Natural seed cannot co-exist !! call in @347.857.4514 also via... more

Global Peeks looks at justice & the Black & the poor in a climate where Black life is devalued. We talk to Human Rights Attorney & Activist Jaribu Hill, a Human Rights Defender with the ?Mississippi Workers' Center for Human Rights,? about... more

ASA~ Family ,, On this episode of Dianetically Speaking, we continue to delve into how to identify and handle a Suppressive personality. This show will open the blinded eye to not only a suppressive individual but a Group Suppressor! We're... more

ASA~ Family , please join us as we welcome former National Secretary of the Nation of Islam Brother Kamal Muhammad. We're looking forward to learning a lot about the Detroit Mecca Project, our Brother has a wealth of knowledge to... more

Global Peeks—Akbar Muhammad-International Rep. of the Nation of Islam discusses why we can't stop & won't stop moving forward. The Grand Jury determined no indictment is in order against Darren Wilson, the killer cop who... more

Mr. President: What brought you out to tell Black youth to be peaceful? Why the hell don't you go to the wicked police department? Why the hell don't you stand up and tell them that your killing of Black & Brown youth isn't going to hold no... more