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Welcome to The Hereafter is Now Network, we have a whole week of shows lined-up designed to raise the Consciousness of Our People!! On Mondays * The Elders/ Pioneers* ; Wednesdays * Young*Men ll Gods* ; Thursdays * Global Peeks w/Brian E. Muhammad * ; Fridays * What's the 411/911? w/Rudolph and Lachele Muhammad * Saturdays * Dr.Wesley * Sundays * Queendom of Goddess * Please show your love and support for each show, they're All dynamic** Click on the FOLLOW button to the left of this message to stay updated with upcoming shows, scheduled times and changes (if any)... Also click on the message box if you'd like to request a show with us and we will respond promptly... Thank you !! Peace and Blessings **

On-Demand Episodes


ASA~ Family, please tune in to a very timely program dealing with the loss of loved ones.. Sister Charlene will speak on some of the recent losses in her life and how to overcome the difficulty of losing loved ones.. She will also delve... more

ASA~ Family, please tune in as Brother Rudolph and Sister Lachele continue to feed us the knowledge we need to sustain our lives.. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad gaves us Books 1&2 on *How To Eat Live*.. Many doctors are now... more

We talk to Jesse Muhammad, Award winning Blogger, Writer, Motivational Speaker & head of the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan's Online Presence & ?Twitter Army? - a group of faithful defenders, propagators & support for the... more

ASA Family, please tune in as the Young gods discuss Black on Black violence.. You will hear from a youth perspective what it's like to grow up seeing your peers murdered, gang violence, feeling unsafe in their communities and much more,,... more

Peace and Blessings everyone,,, please tune in as we continue the extarordinary journey of Elder Charles D.Brooks lll. He will share the production of some of his plays, the most recent in production now * Our Lives, Our Voices,Our Music ..... more

ASA~ Family , Peace to everyone.. I am excited to once again welcome Sister Rachel X Smith on the Queendom of Goddess to share with us the healing properties of essential oils,acupuncture, reiki and more. We're also Blessed to... more

We are humbled and excited to be on The Hereafter is Now is Network.. "Let's discuss "How To Grow Your Own Food" Call in :347-857-4514 Rudolph T. Muhammad and Lachele Asiyah Muhammad welcome you to join us and learn... more

Call In # (347) 857-4514 On air teaching session with Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad— Imam for the Nation of Islam and its National Center, Mosque Maryam. Inshallah (God willing), members of the Nation of Islam will be... more

ASA~ Family, please tune in as the Young gods discuss Agriculture, Muhammad's Economic Blueprint, the New Rulers !! Allah says in the Holy Quran, " HE takes the Kingdom from whom HE Pleases and gives it to whom HE Pleases... If he... more

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks !!!!!!!!!