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A place for men and women to converse, heal, empower each other, and increase our own spiritual awareness. Relaxation Techniques, Healing & Information to help facilitate the awakening.

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A discussion with The Beauty Kween-Keniece Ford and myself about the importance of women taking time to heal and evolve together. What is an Activated Woman? Why its important to heal in order to progress Why womens... more

Many people end up in "friends with Benefits" types of relationships. What does this mean? Can we truly handle these types of relationships? Is it Easier for men to exist in these relationships than women? Lets discuss it! Call in too (347)... more

Many of us in an attempt to control events in our lives will "fight" against the natural occurance of certain situations. We often end up doing ourselves more harm than good, and miss the lesson as well as the alternate opportunity... more

As humans in this soceity most have adopted the negative habit of shining our spotlights on what we consider to be "bad" or "displeasing" to us about another individual. But how often do we focus and acknowledge the good, the gratitude,... more

Join me this evening to discuss the importance of detoxification. I will share tips on how to do this safely and ways to safely do it while still working. Detoxying does not stop with the body. Learn how to detox your life...

Many of us have an issue around vulnerablilty. What does this mean? How can you safely be vulnerable in your relationships? What is the benefit of being vulnerable. Lets discuss it tonight on Here 2 Inspire Radio!

Many of us believe being still is DOING NOTHING! A waste of time! NOT! There is a time and space for everything including being still and observing silence. Tune in to discuss: The Benefits of Silence Methods of Observing Stillness... more

2012 is Here!!!Join me and my Special Guest Astarius Miraculi to discuss the current planetary and personal changes that are currently taking place. Everything is moving faster. The earth is shifting to a higher vibration... more

Being filled up with the Innergy of love can transform anything. Melt old hardened wounds, turn a frown upside down and fill you up with an innergy that is contagious and irresistable. Call in to share and discuss the power of love this... more

Sex Sex Sex! It's everywhere we look, but people still flinch when they hear/or see the word. Snickering and giggling about it like its a forbidden topic, when its how we all got here in the 1st place! Where do these sexual Taboos... more