Can We Be Real?


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We deal with life in a contemporary manner, addressing major issues of the day that help people to grow and know that we can and will be better... There is hope for healing the heart of humanity

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Join Dr. Barry Duncan as we discuss, "What's Right With You?" that is the title of his book. So much of Therapy is finding out what is wrong, what's missing, what's broken and how you need to be fixed. But this is not the way of Dr. Duncan. He... more

Listen in or call in 914.338.1573 as we discuss with Dr. William Washington, Men's Health Care Specialist Why Men Are So Reluctant to go to The Doctor? What Can Men Do Today to Overcome the Fear of Doctors? What is a Healthy... more

Join in and Listen to Star Waters as she shares her way of losing over 130 pounds. How can you join her healthy lifestyle? Just tune in or listen in as we talk about Healthy Lifestyles and give you some ideas to live your Best Life yet.... more

Join in with Chef Dadisi as we Discuss Staying Healthy. How to eat right, and live right, and play right? How to make the best of Life with your Body Type, your likes and dislikes... How to make the Best of Life. What is really necessary to... more

Join Apostle Lois J. Parchment as we discuss: The Power of the Prophetic. How to see the Hand of God in our World today. What is the difference between a fortune teller and a Prophet? How to tell if you "hear" a True Word from God.... more

The Perfect Storm if that is such a thing. Perfect for what? The sad part is the loss of lives, loss of hope, and a vision for living. Materials can be replaced but the Loss of Human Life cannot ever be replaced. This Storm shows that... more

Join in this Conversation with James Jeffley, "Rev. Up" as we talk about this Game that we call Life. How to Win? How to Work? How to make it Last? What is the meaning of this Life? Why the struggles, trials, and tempations in this life?... more

Join in with my Guest: Ms. Robbie Danzie as we discuss Friendship-- How to be a Friend. How to Have a Friend, and What to do when a Friend Betrays You. How do you recognize a true friend from someone who is just trying to get what... more

Rev. Mark-Anthony Mitchell of ReBuild the City in Atlanta, GA will be my guest as we provide Solutions to make a difference in the lives of the people.j How can injustice be corrected? What are the conditions that bring hope, direction, and... more

Join in with my Special Guests: T. Renee Crutcher and Lucia Bee Littlestar We will be discussing solutions to life's problems. And what to do when Life throws you a curve ball. What to do when your honey and your money both run... more
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