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Why men are not owning up to their responsibility?

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Why is it so difficult for us to accept responsibility for our actions? 

We all like to feel important and have others have a high opinion of us. Some more than others develop an over-inflated view of themselves. These tendencies act to wrap us in what many call "denial", which creates a false perception of self and the inability to accept the truth about us. It then becomes painful to accept that mistakes are possible and when we make them the first reaction is to point the finger at someone else. We refuse to think objectively and accept any involvement for our actions. Taking responsibility can be a very painful thing to do. 

The Consequences for NOT Taking Responsibility

When you fail to accept personal responsibility for your actions there are a series of events that follow over time. The consequences do not necessarily promote goal achievement and success in life. The signals you send to the subconscious can come back to sabotage your progress. 

Reasons why Taking Responsibility is so Difficult

Feelings of Insecurity - There are some folks who may have been raised in a very chaotic environment where they were constantly put down, yelled at, or emotionally abused. 

Arrogance- People develop arrogance for several reasons. It could have been inherited - some folks know very little about humility.

Prejudices- Some people who feel victims of racial discrimination, intolerance, or narrow-mindedness, are always on guard or on edge.

By accepting that you do have a problem in this area and learning ways of taking responsibility for your actions, you are taking your life to a higher level of existence.

Giving of yourself in service to others, teachers empathy and compassion, characteristics that helps one to overcome self-centeredness.