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To continuously build up the men within our global communities by providing them with the necessary resources to help them get past their hurts in order for them to be able to propel into their divine purpose.

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Well, the lovey-dovey season has ended, and it's back to the real world. It's the next day and all you want to do is be back in bed with bae, or Netflix and chillin'. You may also still be in a sugar coma from all the candy hearts you ate the night before, but rest assured, I have the solution for your post- Valentine's Day blues: KEEP LOVING! That's right, don't let the joy escape you just because the weekend is over. Keep it going! That's the big secret right there! Don't let the love and kindness stop just because Valentine's Day is over! Keep eating your candy hearts and smiling at strangers! Keep binge watching Netflix shows with all your BFFs or cuddling with bae for hours! Keep doing exactly what makes you happy! Valentine's Day is such an amazing day, whether you have someone to share it with or not! It is about love, but not just romantic love, just general love for all humans. Love for your family, your friends, or even love that guy you always randomly see at the grocery store. It is a day to go around to strangers and say, ?Hey, you're cared for and loved.? It is a day to say ? FREE HUGS FOR ALL!? It is a day to go out of your way for people just for the heck of it! This kind of love is so addicting and uplifting that we shouldn't just contain it to one day a year. God tells us that this should be a daily thing. Romans 12:10 says ? Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.? He tells us this should be a daily occurrence, so why do we really only emphasize it on Valentine's Day?
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