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To continuously build up the men within our global communities by providing them with the necessary resources to help them get past their hurts in order for them to be able to propel into their divine purpose.

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Our nation's prison population has more than quintupled,? she said. ?And this is due largely to the war on drugs and the ‘get tough' movement. The drug war has been waged almost exclusively in poor communities of color even though studies have consistently shown now for decades that contrary to popular belief, people of color are no more likely to use or sell illegal drugs than whites, but by waging this drug war almost exclusively in poor communities of color, we've now created a vast new racial under-caste.? One hundred and fifty years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the progress made by African-Americans is undeniable–which is why statistics about incarceration in the black community can be so shocking. In 2011 there were more African-Americans in prison or ?under the watch? of the justice system than were enslaved in the United .
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Every African-American male in this country who drives a vehicle, or has traveled by bus or plane, either knowingly or unknowingly has been the victim of racial profiling by law enforcement officials. Indeed, African-American males are... more

You may be taking a long ?guyatus? from dating after one too many disappointments. You may be dating, and dealing with the ups and downs inherent in the process of looking for love. You may even be in a relationship,... more

An object that has value is worshipped, respected, cherished, and shared with very few deserving people. As soon as you start sharing that object with anyone and without care, the object starts to lose value. The more people use... more

The fact is that it takes a lot of time, and a lot of patience, to bring a product to market. And media stories--those that count on sound bites and telling the short version of an entrepreneur's story--often gloss over the actual time, effort,... more

That ability to realize that you need to change something, then actually summoning up the courage and ability to take control and change it, takes a great deal of awareness and that same awareness will guide and carry you into that... more

Becoming a young entrepreneur is a great way to live your dream and vision of having your company, own time structure, and building something that is YOURS! Stay energetic. Starting a new business requires hours of dedication... more

?It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.? ~E.E. Cummings At twenty-five I was happily married and had a great career, many friends, and lots of money. During that time, I also became deeply depressed, was put on... more

Is it OK to lie to your kids? It certainly used to be. Victorian children grew up in fear of the bogeyman and other horrors, which was intended to keep them in line; to this day, many parents use similar techniques, serving up porky pies at... more

Good relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.? Things changed. You can't put your finger on it, but you know it's true. You wish you could make it better. You want to fix it.... more

How you can benefit Now that advertisers are looking at data in real time, it is clear that the coveted demographic segment that marketers chased over the past 36 years is a myth. It may have been true at one time, but it is not now.... more
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