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To continuously build up the men within our global communities by providing them with the necessary resources to help them get past their hurts in order for them to be able to propel into their divine purpose.

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I recall back in the day not really discussing love relationships with adults. I am sure most of us have been told as children to stay out of grown folk's business. But today it seems more and more parents are involving their children in adult conversations and matters of the heart. The question becomes, how much is too much? Should we disclose our financial realities, the difficulties we are having with our mate or any health challenges that will affect us long term? We never want to give our children a false representation of married or family life. Having them think that relationships and life will be perfect and there won't be any challenging periods is setting them up for failure. They need to know there will be disagreements and couples won't always see eye to eye. We must inform them that their relationships will be a direct reflection of the amount of effort they put into it. Instructing them on how to have healthy conflict is critical. Some may think marriage and relationship conversations are grown folk's business, but our children are watching anyway, so we may as well use it as a teaching moment.
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