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Thank you for tuning in! This is Melissa Biliardi, your host on "Help4HD–The HD View". I am a mom, caregiver and advocate for my son who has Huntington's disease (HD). As the founder of Help4HD International Inc, I have made it my mission to help him and others who are affected by JHD (juvenile Huntington’s disease) and HD by promoting awareness and education to everyone who will listen. Help 4 HD Radio broadcasts live on every Tuesday providing vital information and inspiration to our Huntington's community. This station is a forum for people to discuss all of the issues surrounding our daily JHD/HD lives. As the premier radio program for Huntington's disease, we have been blessed to interview many of our JHD/HD researchers, medical professionals, and pharmaceutical organizations since 2010. Don’t forget to share this channel with your colleagues, family and friends. Talk to you soon!

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We are very pleased to have Dr. Speid with us tonight. Lorna Speid, PhD, is a pharmacist. She works in the pharmaceutical industry as a regulatory affairs and drug development consultant. She has a practice in the development of new treatments for rare diseases. After working for Sanofi Winthrop in the United Kingdom, Ciba Geigy at headquarters in Switzerland, and Novartis in Switzerland, she moved to the United States. She worked for three small companies in the United States, and now runs her own consulting practice. Dr. Speid sat on an important NIH Committee for the development of new treatments for rare diseases. She is the founder of a non-profit called Rare Diseases Patients First! This organization is planning to provide education to patients around the world that have a rare disease, about the clinical trial process. This will be done free of charge. We will provide more information about these educational internet-based meetings, as soon as they are ready to be rolled out later this year. Dr. Speid advises on the development of new treatments for rare diseases. Dr. Speid saw a need to provide information to patients about clinical trials that would allow them to be empowered enough to ask the right questions before entering clinical trials, and while in clinical trials. She wrote the book Clinical Trials: What Patients and Healthy Volunteers Need to Know, to accomplish this. It was published by Oxford University Press in 2010.
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