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There is nothing to Celebrate, We are proud to say we didn't watch the Crap, We're just here and were 2-Sweet!

Yes! it's sad but true...WWE is Humiliating to watch, it's 2 hours of your life taken from you every week filled with PG rated family friendly Romper Room fun for YOU with a Champion who nobody knows the name of. HEY we tried to help... more

After last Monday with TNA...who would even want to go back to the brainwash and lies of the almighty WWE?...The company that we built with our money. Not us!

oh yeah!!! the Monday Night War is on and HELLRAZOR Radio is feelin' real Coky about it.

HELLRAZOR AFTERPARTY For the most anticpated Night in Wrestling History....8 years in the making! the 8 year gap is over! HELLRAZOR Radio goes on Fire Tonight after TNA IMPACT VS. WWE...and this time we will... more

No more BUZZKiLLS no more Brainwash! The new Monday Night War begins JAN 4th 2010 Spike TV. The 8 year Gap is over, There is a light at the end of the Tunnel and it looks 2-Sweet!

it's been 8 years and now The New Monday Night War is 8 days away! and for HELLRAZOR RADIO.....War is all we know!

The new Monday Night War is upon us....as we wait for Christmas morning in this strange and quiet time, We Decided to give you a little update on the Master & Ruler of the World "Psycho" Sid Vicious. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Only 1 more monday left! So the voice of the new Monday night War "Hellrazor Radio" brings you the BuZZKiLL 1 last time as we move on and break on through to the other side. Jan 4th Spike TV 2010...No more brainwash!

The new Monday Night War is upon us, Spread the Word...JAN 4th 2010 Spike Tv. The 8 Year Gap is OVER!
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