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With thousands of loyal listeners, we explore an array of topics by interviewing inspiring guests, authors and a variety of experts every week. Dr CJ Vennard interviews notable people for new thoughts and insights on life's questions along with co-host Stephanie Martin, live every Friday at 2pm (PST) on "Hello Dr CJ, What's Life About?" an interactive podcast with guests who give their answers to life questions. Phone and chat lines are open for listener's participation during live shows.

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Guest Pamela Carey addresses the issues of love and logistics, devotion and diplomacy, in the often difficult process keeping your marbles when your aging loved ones have kept theirs. A great deal of attention is being rightfully given... more
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Stephanie Martin will talk about how her journey into Yoga began. Why it’s important to her, what she has learned along the way and how she is handling the current challenges of the economy. What she feels is most important to her in... more

Stephenie will interview me as the metaphysical philosopher and teacher speaking up about the times we find ourselves in. Dr CJ Henius interviews notable people for new thoughts and insights on life's questions. Dr C.J. Henius and co-host... more

Self-care for Changing Times: Powerful energy shifts during these transformative times of spiritual evolution on the planet impact us on all levels. All aspects of us - spiritual, energetic, emotional, psychological and physical are affected... more

Medications proven to stop alcohol and drug dependence cravings, Medical Treatment for recovery FDA proven by government studies to work. Percy Menzies Hello Dr CJPercy Menzies, M. Pharm., RSAP, founded Assisted... more

Why can't we all just get along? Linda S Thompson thinks we can, first by understanding and tips out of her book "Every Generation Needs a New Revolution" Thompson, does a bang up job putting together historical,... more

Grace Marks has Snack Attacks too, how does she get through the holidays? Dr CJ Henius interviews notable people for new thoughts and insights on life's questions. Dr C.J. Henius and co-host Stephanie Martin, live every Friday at... more

Life is about Mind/Body Connection, Dr CJ talks with ground breaking author Dr Ron Peters. His book "Edgework" provides a concise overview of research on the mind/body, summarizing the essence of healing at the level of consciousness... more

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Dr Alan Christianson talks with Dr CJ and co-host, Stephen Martin about the myths and facts of dieting and weight control, on "Hello Dr CJ, What's Life About?" Dr. Christianson’s lifelong interest in the healing power of nature was... more

Are you living your truth? More importantly, are you being true to yourself so you can live in freedom OR living a lie in shame or denial? Do you really know who you are and living your life's purpose in truth? Live on "Hello Dr CJ, What's Life... more
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