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New Segment of Eclectic and Fortean Phenomena

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Discussion Topics:

  1. Washington DC woman shot instead of being detained when approaching Capital.
  2. Americans divided over shutdown.
  3. Back to the roots of social responsibility.
  4. In search of callers with answers to Fortean phenomena – a new eclectic segment.
    1. Casper Hauser;
    2. Lake Monsters: Loch Ness; Lake Champlain; Ogopogo; Morag;
    3. Clever Hans;
    4. Legend of Hill House;
    5. Giant Thunderbirds;
    6. Resurrection Mary;
    7. The Hobbit People;
    8. Orang Pendek;
    9. Colossal Squid;
    10. Legend of Dracula (Vlad Tsetesh);
    11. Philippine Vampire;
    12. Shroud of Turin

What is Hell No! the radio show? Well, Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth as well as giving a voice to people left in the dust. Hell No! isn't democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We're going to have fun and get down to brass tacks.

Woman Shot for Rushing US Capitol
Americans Divided Over Shutdown
Fortean Phenomena
Eclectic Tales of Creatures
Dracula Loch Ness Monster