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World renown Medical Intuitive, Medium and Healer Helena Margareta D.D. answering questions about Spirit, Energy and the World. Meeting of like Minds. Dr. Helena Margareta is ranked one of the world’s top four spiritual healing coaches. Helena is a top-rated inspirational motivational speaker and a leading authority in the field of spiritual personal transformation and healing of body and mind. She has a way to reach your inner self without complicated rules and steps how to do it. Even during a motivational lecture, you’ll learn and be inspired by her exciting inspirational power-meditation techniques for clarity and added life success. Thousands have reported life-changing results from participating in her inspiring Power- Seminars, Inspirational-Motivational lectures and one-on-one stimulating personal consultations.

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As Laura lost all her hair and went totally bald, she went through the many stages of emotion and for a while lost the direction of her life. But she turned her life around and her life is now a true success story. She is the author of the... more

Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn now back in the US is meeting with "the Mystic Oracle" James Tucker, on the subject The Master Secret of the Ages, fully Revealed ! with success formulas for better living. And...Male energy versus Feminine... more

LIVE from Spain, Helena is meeting with world famous artist Nils Burwitz talking about his experiences living in South Africa, Europe and now in Spain... Nils is known for the sharing of his soul in his art and has a way of describing political... more

Live from Spain: Helena is speaking with Daniel Stief (in the US) about spiritual trend and direction in Europe, difference between spirituality and religion, and some more interesting points of view. PLUS Helena is yet again including a very... more

Pre-Recorded - Helena is doing a powerful Healing-meditation for you, your family and the whole world. Please join this powerful wave of energy to help heal our beautiful world.

Pre-recorded - The unique guest appearance of Ken Peterson, channel for the Higher Masters. Ken will channel the Archangel Michael who will answer questions regarding the Universe, our planet and other topics close to our... more

Pre-recorded - Terrence Tullgren is a popular Miami Interior Decorator/Designer, who has brought in Spirituality in his art of interior design and has invented a special bed to tune in with your chakras.

Helena will answer new questions about what goes on around us, how to raise your vibration, the pope's visit, eating the right color combination of foods, poltergeists etc...and much more that she has received through her emails, Her... more

Helena is speaking with Florida healer Joan Roth about physiognomy (face reading), the 2012 prophecy and that the UN is going in a new Spiritual Direction.

James Tucker, the" Mystic Oracle", and popular reality psychic well known to our Florida listeners will be Helena's Guest on today's show.