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Dr Helena

Our Wondrous World with Helena Margareta on Sedona Talk Radio


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World renown Medical Intuitive, Medium and Healer Helena Margareta D.D. answering questions about Spirit, Energy and the World. Meeting of like Minds. Dr. Helena Margareta is ranked one of the world’s top four spiritual healing coaches. Helena is a top-rated inspirational motivational speaker and a leading authority in the field of spiritual personal transformation and healing of body and mind. She has a way to reach your inner self without complicated rules and steps how to do it. Even during a motivational lecture, you’ll learn and be inspired by her exciting inspirational power-meditation techniques for clarity and added life success. Thousands have reported life-changing results from participating in her inspiring Power- Seminars, Inspirational-Motivational lectures and one-on-one stimulating personal consultations.

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Learn about Subliminals and hidden Mind Control in our Society. Can we be reprogrammed or has it happened already? Author and researcher Marie D. Jones will answer questions from her recent book "MIND WARS" written with co-author Larry Flaxman. Helena Margareta offers classes, seminars, workshops and CDs. For more information visit http://activale.com
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It's Happening NOW. The consequences of the shift in the Mayan Calendar. Can we change it? Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn is meeting with biologist, Prof. Dr. Carl Calleman, renown world expert on the Mayan Calendar. Visit Helena's website... more

The meeting of two healers. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn with healer Dennis Adams. We'll do healings over the telephone. We'll talk about healing methods and how to stay happy and well. Visit Helena's website for classes, workshops & books at... more

Is life just a matter of chance or is there a matter of purpose? and more. Questions and Answers from Helena Margareta's mailbox. Visit Helena's website for classes, workshops and books at: Activale.com

What is the body? Connection between body, mind and heart.Why do we get sick or depressed? How do we get well? How do we make ourselves more successful in what we do? Helena Margareta meets with Dr. Vinayak of Palm Springs,... more

And many more questions and answers about how to live our lives. A powerful healing meditation by HELENA MARGARETA Steiner-Hornsteyn personally from her to you will be at the end of our show. Listen and hear it again and again on... more

The Paradigm shift and the sacred feminine for a sustainable future. Is Goddess the future for the world? What makes the DaVinci Code so relevant for today's seekers? What were the tipping points in history that have led us down today's... more

Live from Europe! Helena Margareta, (the Rev. Dr Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn) has received many emails with comments on this latest controversial research and will be commenting.

What you say matters. Be careful what you say, because the words you use could determine the direction of your life. Helena Margareta meets with Dee Hilliard and discusses the meaning of the words you use, and meaning of the... more

This is about healing in a different way. It is spontaneous and from the heart and full of motivational light meditations and energy- tune-ups. We have heard from many who are raving about these downloads that they can use in their daily lives... more

Helena Margareta ( Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn) meets with author Katherine C.H.E. to speak about Katherine's book TRUE RICH. First, what does it mean ? What attracts a true rich life? What do you do to make it come your way? Are... more