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World renown Medical Intuitive, Medium and Healer Helena Margareta D.D. answering questions about Spirit, Energy and the World. Meeting of like Minds. Dr. Helena Margareta is ranked one of the world’s top four spiritual healing coaches. Helena is a top-rated inspirational motivational speaker and a leading authority in the field of spiritual personal transformation and healing of body and mind. She has a way to reach your inner self without complicated rules and steps how to do it. Even during a motivational lecture, you’ll learn and be inspired by her exciting inspirational power-meditation techniques for clarity and added life success. Thousands have reported life-changing results from participating in her inspiring Power- Seminars, Inspirational-Motivational lectures and one-on-one stimulating personal consultations.

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Dr. Eric Pearl is Helena´s guest and they will be talking about Reconnective Healing and HOW TO tap into your own scientifically memorable healing frequencies that are transforming the way healing is done. He'll relate... more

Why do things happen a certain way? And many more questions piling up in Helena´s mailbox. Many answers are channeled and to the point..Sometimes with some shocking answers. Helena will also reveal the... more

How do I gain spiritual insights? Can I lose my spiritual abilities if I ask for money? Are some of us more spiritual than others? Are we really heading into a time of spiritual awakening? And more questions that have come up in Helena... more

Churchill's Secret Agent, new book On the National Best selling list. Meet Linda and Max Ciampoli . Max Ciampoli was Winston Churchill's personal secret agent during World War II. Hear about the exciting life of a real life spy, the risks he... more

Dream expert Dr. Gillian Holloway will be Helena Margareta's guest today, speaking about dream symbols, psychic dreams and how past-life times can appear as dreams.

Helena Margareta has prepared a Christmas Basket of gifts for YOU; With affirmations for strength and Well-Being, a Helena-Margareta- New- Wave- Feel-Good Meditation, and questions answered regarding Angels, Channeling.... more

Helena-Margareta will talk again with Swedish aristocrat Gunilla von Post. Gunilla had no intention to intrude in anyone´s private life - it still happened: JFK and Gunilla met on a beautiful sunny day on the French Riviera and they fell in love.... more

After a few exciting months in Europe, Helena-Margareta is giving her final report this year of what is going on in the old world. Socially, politically and most of all people´s relationship with Spirit. The PARADIGM SHIFT. These are changing... more

Niclas Mardfelt was originally an overworked burned out regular guy, but he turned his life around. He is now one of the great adventurers of Europe. He will talk with Helena-Margareta how he crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Europe... more

HELENA-MARGARETA meets with award winning TV producer and author Shirley Enebrad to discuss Shirley's amazing book OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. This is Shirley's own story about her young son and his process of going through... more