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A clarion call to American survival. Political politeness be damned. The need to speak out to contribute insights not put forth by our National Press.

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Muslim Threat, Amnesty Threat, Financial Threat, Obama Threat!

We will discuss the history Sharia Law, what's in it, what Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are bringing to Americas shores with Billions of Dollars of funding. President Obama is in favor of this. We will present proof of all that is said. This is for your... more

Hedgemaster will talk about the difference between the Muslim Prophets Law - Shraria - Muhammd and Chrisitan Law - Commandments - Pope. From the 7th Century forward, were they at one time similar? Were the wars waged from the... more

An exploration of Obama's philosophy and planned takeover. We will talk about Cloward-Piven, Sal Alinsky and Hugo Chavez and how they play a key role in shaping Obama's strategies.

The corruption of government by its officials has become epidemic. A breakdown of who and what has been corrupted is necessary. Opinions of how to correct it must be suggested. We are in REAL danger of becoming totalitarian. We will list... more

Hedgemaster will have a conversation about the United States condition under President Obama, the corrections necessary and the specific stepts needed to reverse this bastardization of the US Constitution and structres created by our... more

The Syrian war is for different reasons than the public has been told. Our program will set the record straight and disclose why this war has been declared by the President, the real reasons for it and an explaination of a much larger global... more

A discussion pointing out the strenghts and weaknesses of the Presidents speech on 9/10/14. What he may be omiting and the dangers therein. We will also discuss the correct way to resolve this religious war. The President's incorrect... more

This show is going to be about America as it was and America as it is. We will talk about President Barack Obama and his socilistic direction. We will talk about how to make America protected and great once again. Hedgmaster is... more

The comming economic disaster caused by this President is and will be the worst beyond 1929! It will be far more difficult to recover! WE will Identify what will happen and how if we work together as a people we can once again have the... more