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Special Report: Is Your Tumor Trying To Save You?

  • Broadcast in Health
Heather Dayvis

Heather Dayvis


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Part 1 is explaining some background info on cancer treatment and diagnosis, natural protocols and treatments, through my knowledge and personal experience, including part of what I saw when my mother was struggling with cancer, while I was simultaneously receiving my pre-medical degree.
Part 2: I tell the rest of the story of my mother, and how hospice commits what I would call murder through some of their common practices.  You need to know about these practices before you sign a DNR. You need to know what they'll do so you can specify what you'd prefer for your family in the event you ever need hospice.

Part 3: I go into detail about new research by Dr. Stephanie Senff PhD, MIT whose theory is that tumors are trying to help the body by creating a substance called heparin sulfate; which increases nutrient uptake. She theorizes that the body does this in the absense of cholesterol and sulfate.  This substance which may be deficient in cancer patients is related to sun exposure, cholesterol in the diet, statin medications, and sulfate transporters in the diet.   I add in my observations with my mother; including her avoidance of the sun and her statin prescriptions.

DISCLAIMER; I am not your doctor. This video is not meant to replace any treatment by your doctor. This video is for informational purposes only.  The FDA has not evaluated the statements in this video. The FDA also states that only a drug can treat or prevent an illness.
But you all know what I think about the FDA!