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A show hosted by two wimmin-folk, linda feliciano, and xenia lynn teresa williams who discuss geo politics from a cultural materialism perspective while focusing on the role of women as significant bearers and transformers of cultural dynamics. Call in at 347 850 8557. Stop The War In Syria, Stop WWIII @SputnikNewsUS #EndtheWarInSyria http://snip.ly/n0h6t For All the Children help me spread the word

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The Democratic Party has embraced the philosophy of Nietszhe and promotes this amongst its adherents. To understand how this informs the Black Lives Movement, you can listern to the show that is dedicated to that subject. I want to... more

News From Around the World Moscow the Distrubed Nanny Syria Raleigh, North Carolina Black Life Activist Suicide George Soros Capitalizes on the TimWise Syndrome: Everything is About Racism, Folks!

From Ukraine, to Cuba, to Mexico: Pope Francis is One Busy Head of State. 1.5 Billion Adherents makes him a person that Politicians Cater to, but will Donald Trump? Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Kurds, the United States (NATO-Europe),... more

The Extreme Left of Todays Radicalism has it roots in Nietzche, while Traditional Conservatism has it roots in Edmund Burke. How do Republicans both embrace and reject Nietzsche, while moving so far away from a Burkean vision... more

Perception in Politics The Presidential Race, like all political campaigns is about perceptions and the distortion of perceptions. Unfortunately, this has been a rule, not the exception, of United States Political Life.. There is a great awakening... more

The Church the Source of Culture Secular academics insist that the Church is a subset of culture, and that it synthesizes the evolving political and social consciousness of people over a period of time. Religious people say that the... more

Dust Yourself Off! Get Up and Move On!!!! Mistakes Made Rude, Boorish Behaviour playing into the Hands of Ted Cruz Non Substantive Employability Pitch to the Voters who Want to HIre Trump Under estimating the Inteligence... more

Ramona and the Revolutionary Women's Law Comandante Ramona, or as the media calls her, ?The Petite Warrior,? is the first name that comes to mind when discussing female EZLN leaders and women's rights campaigns in Chiapas. The... more

Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certian unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and... more

The Founding Fathers included the naturalization clause in the Constitution because they were all too well familiar within European History in that folks who became heads of states whose interest were really with another state...for... more
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