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A show hosted by two wimmin-folk, linda feliciano, and xenia lynn teresa williams who discuss geo politics from a cultural materialism perspective while focusing on the role of women as significant bearers and transformers of cultural dynamics. Call in at 347 850 8557.

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Perception in Politics The Presidential Race, like all political campaigns is about perceptions and the distortion of perceptions. Unfortunately, this has been a rule, not the exception, of United States Political Life.. There is a great awakening occuring in the United Stated forged from the harsh realities of the middle class which includes the working class and the professional class.And it is uniting people like never before. Critical to Donald Trump is that he speaks to the reality of false perceptions in a way that dont offend people who up unto now have benefit from these false perceptions, while not minimizing the reality of the falleness of human nature. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are going to mobilize people under the race card, the rich vs. poor card, but how true is their perception on reality? drugs and prison radicalization at liberal colleges public officials lying to its citizens about the true nature of the quagmire in the Middle East the republic and the virtuous polity Unfortunately, there have been forces within the United States seeking to dumb down not only african-americans, white affluent, and the poor, but the next generation,. Progressive Politics is still about Eugenics and must be battled in the Republican and Democratic caucases. Jobs have been taken away not only from African Americans but from White Americans as well.......we all need shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, and education and the right to practice our spiritual convictions.
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The Founding Fathers included the naturalization clause in the Constitution because they were all too well familiar within European History in that folks who became heads of states whose interest were really with another state...for... more

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