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Heart Secrets is a weekly Internet Talk Show hosted by The Love Lifestyle Coach, Angela Carr Patterson. Each week, Angela, her Co-Hosts and guests discuss the lessons they’ve learned from the stories they dare to share. Show topics range from relationships and money, career and business, health and well being to self love and identity. Listen as they delve deep into the answers we’ve all been seeking to everyday issues that impact and effect the lives of our large global female based audience. Featured guest are authors, business owners, entertainers, celebrities and community leaders who are making a real difference through their work and in the lives of others. Intimate and informative conversations, mixed with a little humor, hope and encouragement, keep our audiences coming back each week for more doses of inspiration and fun. Our host, Angela Carr Patterson has a unique way of getting into the “Heart Secrets” of her guests as they share their stories of pain, triumph and success. Heart Secrets...Inspiring, Informative and Transformative! Heart Secrets airs live every Tuesday, 1PM EST for one hour.

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October is Domestic Violence Month and we want to have a conversation about this epidemic. We all know someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. We also know how we hide in shame and fear when someone raises the question, "Have you been abused?" Join us for a collective conversation about this horrible pain that fills our communities.
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It was 1968 and she was only 34 years old, divorced mother of 4, black and living in the south. And she was diagnoised with Breast Cancer. It was during a time when women were dropping dead. Fast forward 80 years young, retired... more

We call them little white lies. Are they harmful? Is it a moral issue or could telling lies be something deeper? What's the harm in stretching the truth a little? Join us as discuss lies and integrity. You will be surprise at what you learn.

Join Angela for this episode where she is speaking with women who are rising to share their message through their work. Listen as they share what it takes to move towards a goal that can sometimes appear unreachable. And... more

We all talk about it. We all want to know what we are here to do. But few of us know how to find out. Join us today as we discuss steps to discovering our true purpose in life and why it is more important now than ever before. You will want... more

What's your story? We want to know. You've heard us week after week here on Heart Secrets sharing the lessons we've learned from the stories we dare to share. Now we want to hear from you. Join this week's show by calling in to... more

There's a need for women to rise and become powerful. More today than ever before. Join us as we discuss the need for women to rise in their power. It's not just a simple thought, it's imperative and necessary.

A lot has been in the media about the recent killing of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and the others. People are outraged! Is this about race, social class or is it really something deeper going on here? Join us we discuss this controversial... more

Let's face it! The World is a mess. We live in a society whose members are lashing out in frustration and anger, in defensiveness and bewilderment. They experience that they live in a world that is constantly attacking them-or at the... more

You hear them every week on Heart Secrets with Angela Carr Patterson. But what do you really know about these ladies who are the Co-host of this show? Join us today as Angela interviews our very own co-hosts, Moni Patterson and... more

We all want it, but few of us know how to sustain it. A Loving Committed Relationship. Join us for the final episode as we discuss Steps to Love Rekindled. A great show for every woman!
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