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Heart Life with Lucy and Nicee

Heart Life Radio with Nicee and Lucia


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The Heart Life Talk Radio with Nicee and Lucia is for those seeking Intuitive guidance and solutions for matters of the heart. Each show is packed with information, Angel Card readings, special guests, and more!

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Let it go! No, we're not talking about that song from 'Frozen' that everyone just loves.. we're talking about letting go of your desired outcome to get what you truly want. When is he going to call? Is he thinking of me? I have to do... more

Probably the biggest problem we will ever deal with in relationships is communication. Without good and healthy communication, our relationships will always be difficult and strained. But why is it this way? Why is it so hard to... more

Love seems to be the number one thing we want in life, and if we're like most folks, we want it YESTERDAY. The question however is, are we truly READY for our dream relationship? Are there people or situations from our past that still... more

Emotional baggage effects just about every aspect of our relationships. Far too often we lug baggage from teh past forward into our new relationships and find ourselves acting or reacting hte same way we have in the past while expecting... more

It's time to leave the ordinary behind and embrace the extradorinary within! Join Nicee and Lucia as we talk about how you can discover the super hero in you! Cape optional! Visit our Facebook page for more information.... more

One of the biggest challenges on the road to true love is recognizing when our love life is less than healthy. Is it blossoming like a beautiful rose, or is it a forest of thorns? Are we letting the weeds of the past, lack of self love, or... more

Special 90 Minute Episode! Monday The most magical ingredient for the recipe of true, forever love is also the most important: Self-love. How can another person love us if we don't love ourselves first and foremost? What causes us to not like... more

Do you love them because you need them or do you need them because you love them? It's a question we rarely ask ourselves until we're holding our broken hearts in our hands. Far too often we stay in toxic relationships out of need instead... more

Oh, the dreaded ?V? word. It's just around the corner, that one day we all wish would pass us by when we're single. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a drag. As a matter of fact, we're determined to make it memorable! So, put on your... more