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Nene@Nite The Bedroom Kandi Edition

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Tonight Nene pulls the blanket of a topic many do not want to discuss.

That topic? SEX TOYS!

She gives some information, education and helpful hints. No reason to shy away from adding toys to your sex life!

Have fun and enjoy exploring your sexual side.

 Let's explore a few sex toy facts you might not know about them.

  1. The world's first dildo dates back about 28,000 years. If you're under the impression that ancient people didn't have playthings around, think again. In 2005, the BBC reported on a very old phallus discovered in a cave in Germany. It was 20 centimenters long and three centimeters wide and assembled from siltstone.
  2. The modern vibrator was born out of a need to quell female hysteria. Way back when, hysteria was a deemed illness among the female population that consisted of a "wandering womb" (OK?). Docs thought these women just needed a good lay — or rather, an earth-shattering orgasm. In 1869, the steam-powered sex device came about, thanks to American physician George Taylor.
  3. Mr. Taylor's vibrator was dubbed the Manipulator. According to Vice, the doc patented his tool. It was a padded table with a hole and a moving ball in the middle of it.
  4. The first electric vibrator was invented in the 1880s. British physician Joseph Mortimer Granville created the first electromechanical sex device in the 1880s. If you find any of this fascinating, check out the 2011 flick Hysteria.
  5. By 1918, vibrators were available in the Sears catalog. In the home appliances section, more specifically.