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Have you been asking" What would it take to have a phenomenal life?" Well, Heart 2 Hart is the place to be. We're not just asking questions about sex, money, relationships, body, work, and travel, we are interviewing people from around the universe, people who are facilitating those of us asking for more, people who refuse to settle for less, people who are asking to make a difference. What about you, is now the time? What are you asking for? Come and play with us! What would it take to choose for you?

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How many variations of abuse are there? How many of us abuse ourselves with judgment? Is it a kindness? What would it take to change that? Join Gary Douglas as he talks with Heart2Hart on creating a life beyond abuse.

Do you hold your heart in a special place? How many of us defend against getting our heart broken? What if you didn't have to choose or prove who or what you gave your heart too? And what if being you has nothing to do with... more

How much is "What If" stopping you from creating? What if "What if" was the key to what you have been asking for? Tune in to Heart2Hart and Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness as we invite you to play in the question of... more

How would your life change if you never had to defend yourself or your point of view? Imagine you were never made wrong for who you be and your choices. What else could we generate? Join Kelsey and Susan Hart as we look at the... more

Join guest Pam Houghteling, Access Facilitator and creator of the Facilitating the Earth series as we discover and delve into one of the major distractions on the planet-Doubt. If you were truly being you, who would you ve, what would you... more

So how much chaos are you creating and inviting into your life and living? What if it was as simple as pressing the delete button on your brain? Curious? join Susan and Kelsey and find out how easy it really is!! Call in at 11 am est with your... more

How many times have you looked in the mirror this week and asked" Whose body is this anyway?" Is that anyway to treat your best friend, the one that gets you up in the morning and puts up with all your aches and complaints? What if... more

Are you fed up with people not listening or half responding while they are on the computer, fully pretending to be listening and no one is really there? How much are we installed to go go go and do, grabbing bits and pieces of iinformation... more

Do you feel pushed around by work and the workplace? What does work mean to you?How much have you decided that business is no fun and not required of you, not generative and just doesn't work for you- are you in a constant state of... more

Every phenominal relationship begins with willingness. What does that look like for you? Why not join Kelsey and Susan to find out?
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