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Hearnoevil Darlene Lewis

Hear No Evil Host: Darlene Lewis


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Listen to radio broadcast and call into the show 646- 668-8499 . Hearnoevil is produced by Darlene Lewis, writer/producer. Here is where artists, business owners and innovative individuals discuss current events, promote products and services,Meet celebrities, hear classic and modern music, and appear on Celebrity Showcase Television. every Wednesday at www.mnn.org @630pm on Ch. 2 Lifestyle channel, at same time at ch56 Time Warner and ch 83 RCN Cable, Fios 34. Purchase books by Darlene Lewis at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/darlenelewis. ADVERTISE ON OUR RADIO SHOW www.futurenetworkproductions.com/radio.html

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We know that social media and reality shows have allowed the most outragious personification of what a woman is? But has the Thotness taken over where real talent and brain have failed? Are we as women going back to the days... more

You met a guy. He is everything you wanted: attractive, financially stable, smart, healthy, has great family...you date and you fall in love with him and his whole package. The love making is out of this world. There's just one thing, in the... more

CALL INTO SHOW:6466688499 SPECIAL CELEBRITY PROMOTER/PETER SHUE featured guest. Call into show to speak to Peter, order his book and learn about the celebrities he has helped become famous... and maybe talk about the... more

Some of us live in a world that is totally disfunctional and still maintain a sense of stability. Then there are times when drugs, crime, lack of income, mental illness are the only way to survive. Some people were born into a family of criminals,... more

Does Reality TV help or hinder your career? Some felt that by exploiting their negative traits, the blogs and the other social media networks would be flooded with publicity. Some feel that negative press is better than no press at all. Call... more

You have a woman in your life, or a man in your life, who you tell everything to. You go shopping together, party together, expose intimate secrets to each other, eat out and go to the movies together. But you are just friends. Sometimes... more

Do you think that women should have a certain respect for their own images? How are Black women seen or treated in public or in the media? This may hurt or help women if women speak on how they want and should be perceived.... more

As more and more reality stars are created, images of women have become increasingly negative. There are reality programs that show women as money thirsty shopaholics with synthetic weaves, fake boobs and bottoms. The men are... more

There are more and more children today on medication than ever before. One social worker in foster care says that many parents that are single utilize their children to get social security benefits or welfare. Do you believe that the... more
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