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Seaweed the Superfood: Taking Your Health Into Your Hands

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This week's show Scott Kennedy will be doing a short review of what we have covered over the past 4 weeks: The Problem: Big Pharma taking over medicine in the early 1900’s, when Pneumonia, flu and food borne illnesses were the biggest killers.  People lived until 47.  Scott spoke of how the drug companies make the vitamins. How they are synthetic, and how they are in 95% of all the 30 brand names.  How Bayer and Pfizer are the biggest vitamin companies, and they make one a day and Centrum.  The other 6 drug companies make the chemicals that go in all the so called Multi vitamins.  

Now when people live longer, the degenerative diseases have come to the forefront, the cancer, from chemicals, and the heart disease from lack of iodine and chemicals and bad fatty foods and sugar.  All these are the product of the Industrial revolution.  Then we take vitamins to get better?  Then we don’t get better, and we see the doctor, and we end up in a roadside ditch.  Get rid of cable and vitamins and drugs and switch to sea veg.

Last week Scott spoke about Generic engineering.  How that’s where their focus is now, these meatheads.  We need to stay clear of them and their chemicals. IS it working?  Can anyone see what is right in front of them?  They want to be gods, they want to create life, they want to put their hands in your genes and play with you.  do you want them too?  Do you like them?  Do your trust them?


After reviewing in the first half of the show Scott and Rebbekah will be taking you into cellular biology and the light! Stay tuned, as we show you the better alternative to taking YOUR health into your hands!

Visit Scott's site at www.farmasea.com for more information be sure to use HYTR to save 10%