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Healthy and Magical Life


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Book a session with Jossi!! She is host and guide to a happier, healthier, connected, and fun life. Jossi talks about healthy simple lifestyle, psychology, food, travel and learning, music & art, alternative healing & medicine, spirituality, self help, & life solution. Schedule updated weekly!

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Everyone is looking for the right relationship. How do we find the right person? How do we know it is the right person. Jossi will explore how to find love with spiritual and psychological guidance. Discussion about past lives, twin flames,... more

Jossi will talk about and describe the interesting and unusual dishes she has sampled from around the world. Pig's feet, balut, soon dae, menudo, etc...

Jossi will share some simple easy home remedies that anyone can make easily at home for better health and illness prevention. She will also talk about the health benefits of teas and drinks.

Many people have never really shopped at all the different markets that have sprouted up to cater to the growing immigrant population. It can be intimidating and hard to navigate. Jossi will go over different items and what to shop for in... more

Jossi cooks dishes from different countries and enjoys the different flavors, taste, and texture of these various dishes. It can be bewildering and confusing but with some basic idea of the ingredients, it can be easy to cook internationally... more

Jossi will discuss very nutritious but very easy to cook recipes from her kitchen. Jossi loves cooking and good food and will share some tips from her experiences.

How do we eat safely when we have so many confusing messages about food? Jossi will discuss organic food and how to choose safe foods. How to eat safely and enjoy every bite of your healthy delicious food. Learn how to break... more

Jossi will explain the different stages of meditative state and guide you into deep meditation. Please prepare before the show by drinking lots of tea or water and relaxing. She will use forest sounds for the meditation.

Educating people on how to understand and use this incredibly powerful mind body tool. Discussions about guided visualization, trance states, and how to as a newbie to meditation.

This is a discussion and exploration of how to develop intuition and how to wisely use this tool everyday.
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