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Healthy and Magical Life

Healthy and Magical Life


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Book a session with Jossi!! healthymagicallife@gmail.com/ She is host and guide to a happier, healthier, connected, and fun life. Jossi talks about healthy simple lifestyle, psychology, food, travel and learning, music & art, alternative healing & medicine, spirituality, self help, & life solution. Schedule updated weekly!

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Jossi will discuss the different aspects of shamanism and how it is expressed in different cultures. Shamanism is relevant to us in our busy modern lives and we can use some of the ideas and techniques to enrich our spiritual lives.

We know it is good to forgive others and oneself. Jossi will discuss why and how it is so important to forgive and move on with one's life. She'll also discuss tools to achieve true forgiveness to start fresh with new beginnings.

Everyone feels depressed and unhappy sometimes. However, it can become an overwhelming and dibilitating if it isn't addressed in time. Learn how to minimize, heal, manage, and improve depression for a brighter and better future. Jossi will... more

You can be competitive, strong, powerful, and confident without trampling or cutting down other people. Jossi will give talks on how to be a healthy competitor when being aggressive may seem to be rewarded. Assertiveness vs.... more

Money is energy. You spend a lot of time, effort, and hard work to get it! Don't waste or throw it away on a whim. It is a powerful tool to enrich your life. Use it wisely. Jossi will talk about what really matters and how to use this energy in... more

We all struggle with negative emotions. Everyone feels anger, loss, hurt, pain, depression, etc.... Jossi will talk about anger and some of the other negative emotions and how to manage them well so they are helpful, not hurtful to our... more

There are many fun, interesting, and macabre tv shows out there. Jossi will discuss a few that she finds really interesting and what helpful ideas and feelings we can learn from the shows. Orange is the New Black, American Horror... more

Jossi has advised and educated many parents through her parenting classes. She'll discuss some of the main points of raising a healthy, happy, resilient, and loving child. This can also be applied to our inner child as well. Please listen to... more

Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development is very famous and has eight distinct stages. Jossi will discuss each stage to understand how we evolve. This will give insight on how we develop based on our traits that we are born... more

Trust is so important in forming relationships but misplaced trust can cause great heartache and problems in our lives. How do we figure out when we can fully trust, give mixed trust, or not trust someone at all.
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