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Waging War Against Killer Cravings!

  • Broadcast in Caregiving



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Killer Cravings are from foods full of artificial tastes that are contrived to stimulate 9,000 taste buds into sending pleasure signals to the brain.  Like an addict demanding drugs, the body craves sugar, salt and fat. Foods like strawberries and bananas don't cause cravings. You never hear little voices in the back of your head saying, “eat, and eat cantaloupe”, because natural foods balance the body and physical cravings are caused by biochemical imbalance. Salt, saturated fat, refined starch and refined sugars cause cravings because they imbalance the body's chemistry and cause dependency on unnatural substances. In a desperate attempt to maintain homeostasis or chemical balance, the body demands the very thing that caused imbalance. Consumption of massive amounts of sugar, salt, caffeine or fried foods drastically affects homeostatic balance. Natural hunger becomes distorted as the body craves for the substances necessary for balance & powerful cravings override the body’s natural needs. The brain has 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connectors for memory alone. Each brain cell is dependent on homeostatic balance to function properly. High doses of sugar, salt, fat and caffeine can cause imbalances in the brain’s normal chemistry. Natural foods assist homeostasis, supplying vitamins, minerals, soft fibers, cell salts and enzymes to assist the body in maintaining balance. In a balanced state, hunger is in relation to the body’s need for nutrition. Eat processed, fried & sugar-filled foods, and you crave salty and fatty foods that promise satisfaction, but deliver artificial pleasure that never satisfies. We are using junk food & bad habits to adjust our feelings through stimulating our neurotransmitters that were originally designed by God to form healthy, natural dependencies on vegetables, fruits, nuts & grains. Extremefreedom.org