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The Health Happens Podcast

The Health Happens Podcast


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The Health Happens Podcast was born from a desire to take the formal-speak of medicine and make it into something more personal. And something more entertaining, because we can't help that we're so funny. So join us for a coffee, tea, or even a drink while we explore, discuss, and debate the facts (and feelings) of the hottest topics in health and medicine.

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Back to School, Back to Sickness! Why do kids get sick when they go back to school? What, if anything, should we do about it, and are 4 year olds really the dirtiest thing imaginable? Get the scuzz on the immune system and get ready... more

Need some inspiration? Chris and Mike discuss the science and physiology of breathing, and what it means for your everyday life. We know our breathing changes when we feel stressed but can you change the way you feel by... more

This week, Mike and Chris explore the effect that screen time has on children. We can see that technology and media are increasingly playing a role in our lives at home, school and work. This means that kids are being exposed to more screen... more

Hop on the Sperm Bandwagon (careful, we're on a slippery slope) and join the discussion on why sperm counts are declining 10% a decade in Western men. Can we do anything about it, or is this the death knell sounding society's final... more

Some guy at work told me I should eat some worms to clear my auto-immune condition, is this a good idea? Should I take my kids out into the woods and let them roll around naked in the dirt? Western society has become so... more

Are you getting enough Vitamin Q? What role does CoQ 10 really play in our health and how much should we all be taking every day ? And did Chris and Mike just invent Super Q?

This week, Mike and Chris discuss what may be the second most common skin disorder, Eczema. We will look into some of the causes such as foods (and the digestive system as a whole), allergies, and chemical irritants. We also discuss... more

This week, In a showdown round-up rally of listerner questions, Mike and Chris: We will share the secret Kombucha alternatives to sugar, Reveal how to convert milligram extracts to crude herb doses, Whisper what the neutrceutical company... more

WeThis week, Mike and Chris discuss what is keeping us from getting better. Topics covered: Our own motivations (or lack thereof) and excuses as well as physical barriers such as poor diet, digestion and poor sleep. We dive into the... more

This week, Chris and Michael discuss sun exposure, sun damage and sunscreen. We spend the whole winter waiting for the warm summer weather and then as soon as it gets here, we start running for cover. What's the deal with that? Well,... more