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The Health Happens Podcast

The Health Happens Podcast


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The Health Happens Podcast was born from a desire to take the formal-speak of medicine and make it into something more personal. And something more entertaining, because we can't help that we're so funny. So join us for a coffee, tea, or even a drink while we explore, discuss, and debate the facts (and feelings) of the hottest topics in health and medicine.

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Should you eat that eight-week-old mayo-salad at the back of your fridge because now it's a fermented food? Nope, don't do that. But almost every culture (human, not bacterial) has a traditional fermented food they regularly consume which... more

Sex, bling, slander. None of these things happen on silent meditation retreats. But what does happen during all those hours sitting on a cushion? How does meditation work, and what sorts of superpowers should I expect when I'm done?... more

Now that everybody can have their genes sequenced, what should we do with that information? Were my ancestors really all Neanderthals? There is much we can do with genetic testing today, but has our access to information... more

Comfortable shoes? Sit up Straight? Stand properly? Could mom really have been right all along? Is that the secret I've been missing all my life? Maybe. In this ache-free episode, Mike and Chris get into back pain, posture, and what you can... more

With all the (mis) information out there about fats, it can be hard to know what to do with our own diets. Should I eat more fats, or go fat free? Which fats are good? Which are bad? What about mono-unsaturated vs poly-unsaturated? Get... more

Want to turn that herb in your garden into medicine? In this very hands-on seasonal episode, Chris and Mike take you through the dos, don'ts, tips, and tricks of harvesting your own herbs. Learn how (and why) to harvest your own... more

What happens when you trade passive entertainment for active engagement? Can our brains change how they process stimuli? We all love to get a little zombie once in a while, but are there any benefits to watching television? In a lively and... more

Fungi are everywhere....literally. They are on our skin and in the air we breathe. In fact, its a wonder we dont all have ringworm all the time. Now that it's hot and sweaty season, fungal infections are lounging in the hot tub waiting to feast on... more

This week we are joined by a very special guest, Jay Perry to discuss the content of his book "My Dad Got Sick". There is no shortage of books on how to deal with cancer or other chronic diseases. But today, we look at illness from a different... more

Fructose is a natural suar found in fruits, honey, agave nectar, etc. And marketing tells me that natural things are good for me, fructose must be good too, right? Well then why are so many people up in arms about high fructose corn syrup?... more