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Welcome to the ‘Health and Harmony Radio Network'. We ask that you take a deep breath, relax…and step into a world that will soothe your mind, energize your body and nurture your spirit. Each show you find on this network is a catalyst to assist you on your journey in life and your quest for wellness, vitality, joy and peace. It is no coincidence that you have found us, so we invite you to take that first step and be part of this fascinating adventure. Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Well.

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In part 1 of our special Valentine's Day series, we talked about soul mates, soul groups and the sacred bond between Twin Flames, who are actually two halves of the same soul. In part 2, we will talk about how it is possible to continue the Twin Flame relationship between dimensions. Sound crazy? However, we will talk with two people who have done just that. Our co-host, Janis Yakopovic, will talk about what love is like with her "interdimensional" relationship and Twin Flame, Senmut. After spending lifetimes together in Ancient Eqypt, in this lifetime he chose to guide her from the Other Side. We will also talk with our special guest, Jeanne Rivard, who lost the love of her life in this lifetime, but continues her relationship with him from heaven. It just goes to prove that love never dies. Please join us on the amazing adventure! Also, you can read our blogs and listen to past show at www.heavenlyencountersradio.com --Host, Mary Elizabeth, Janis Yakopovic
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Just in time for Valentine's Day, we are delving into the topic of LOVE and how it plays into our Divine Connection to the Other Side. People deeply in love often claim that they have found their Soulmate, but is it really true? Fewer... more

Our guest, Lynda Pollio is the Author of Trusting the Currents and Winner of 10 Book Awards for Literary Excellence. Lynnda never expected to be a writer until she heard the mystical voice of Addie Mae Aubrey, a... more

Host Samarah Riely is an internationally recognized channel for Mother Mary and many other Ascended Masters. Her show is an opportunity to hear from Mother Mary and many others on their perspectives and wisdom on everything from... more

Special guest, Samarah Riely, is a channel for Mother Mary and many other light beings. She will offer Mother Mary's words of wisdom and inspiration for the upcoming year and will show us new pathways to peace, love, prosperity and... more

Where did 2015 go? Did we move any closer to the New Earth or is it still far far away? Tune in to hear Mother Mary's synopsis of 2015 and a hint of what 2016 will bring! Host Samarah is an internationally known channel for Mother... more

Have you ever had a flash of blinding clarity that completely transformed your life forever? These heaven-sent guide posts are so extraordinarily compelling that you choose to take your life in an entirely new direction. It is as if you have emerged... more

Host Samarah is an internationally known channel for Mother Mary and many other ascended masters. "Mother Mary and the Masters" is an opportunity to hear from Mother Mary and other Masters who will offer perspectives and wisdom on... more

In the depths of an illness that left our guest, documentary filmmaker, Cori Brackett in almost a catatonic state, the world and all of it's distractions dissipated from her existence. As the silence enveloped her being, her soul not... more

Hungry for Compassion and a Huge Dose of Unconditional Love? This month's show will be all about preparing for 2016 by clearing all that no longer serves you. Mother Mary will offer some specific suggestions as well as a preview of the... more

Does the Blood Moon Eclipse on September 28th- the fourth in just one year- signify the end of the world? In a way, yes. As the band R.E.M. stated, "It is the End of the World as We Know It." It is not Armageddon, but the most powerful... more
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