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  • Flying Solo With Parkinson’s

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    Singles now outnumber married people in the United States. In 2014 it was reported that, for the first time, the number of unmarried American adults outnumbered those who were married. One in 7 lives alone – about 31 million compared with 4 million in 1950 – and many of those are clustered in urban centers.  
    The growth in the number of men living alone is especially dramatic, rising from less than 6 percent in 1970 to more than 12 percent in 2012, according to a Census Bureau report released in 2014, fifteen percent of households are women living alone.
    The prevalence of Parkinson’s disease rises sharply with age, and with a three- to fourfold increase in disease rate within the United States is expected to occur over the next ten years, what will it mean for those who live alone?
    As someone who lives alone, I experienced firsthand the turmoil an unexpected injury or illness can bring, when nearly two years ago I had a fall with a severe wrist fracture. As the sole earner, I was acutely aware of how quickly the dominoes could fall if I was unable to work and fulfill my life’s obligations.
    Do you live alone? Do you have Parkinson’s? How do you approach work, medications, and appointments? What are your concerns about the future?  We want to hear from you.
    Join me and guest: Dr. Paul Short, the Parkinson's Coach, a neuropsychologist specializing in work with individuals and families touched by movement disorders.
    Send a tweet: @voiceaerobics @PDpsych  #Parkinson’s #single

  • The Truth in Medical Healing

    in Health

    All about health and Medical healing, prescription drugs adverse events, antiaging,The effects of acidosis on health and wellbeing.

  • #MusicTherapy #JournalClub with Dr. Meganne Masko

    in Health

    It's time for another edition of Music Therapy Journal Club to discuss the research published in the Journal of Music Therapy Winter 2015 edition (volume 52 number 4). Join us as Dr. Meganne Masko and I talk about the research articles and how we apply the research to our clinical practice or in the classroom.

  • Transformative Nutrition – The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living

    in Health

    Transformative Nutrition – The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living is a progressive and unique approach to health and nutrition. In it, you will learn how to achieve all of your health and wellness goals without dieting, without guilt, and most importantly without counting calories. The book teaches you how to powerfully transform all of the areas that are preventing you from experiencing your best health possible. It was written based on Michael Tamez's personal experiences of reversing several health issues.
    Michael is a Holistic Health Coach, certified by the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He is also listed on the national board for the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. As a Holistic Health Coach, Michael’s mission is to educate people who want to lose weight and reach all their wellness goals. 
    For more information visit: http://transformative-nutrition.com/
    Blog: http://transformative-nutrition.com/blog    The Book: http://transformative-nutrition.com/book/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transformativenutrition   
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TransformativeN  

  • Living a Full-Spectrum Life with Dr Deanna Minich

    in Health

    Join me, Lucinda Curran, as I chat with my guest Dr Deanna Minich.
    Dr. Deanna Minich is a functional nutritionist with a unique approach to clinical medicine that combines physiology and psychology, and a focus on whole-body, whole-life detoxification.
    Find out more about:
    barriers to achieving full potential a "full-spectrum" life easy ways to be more vibrant in everyday life In her new book, Whole Detox, she provides you with 7 ways to live a full-spectrum life and remove barriers to your radiant rainbow!
    #changeyourliferadio #drdeannaminich #wholedetox #foodandspirit #lucindacurran #ecohealthsolutions

  • O2 Breakthrough™ *Power #Perfect10in10™ Training Minutes a Day

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    *My clients burn 7,000 calories 1st minute~END PAIN in 30 seconds? How? Why? Scientific Studies show 21 times more weight loss than all other exercises. World renowned research scientists explain why these O2 Breakthrough™ unique exercises feel fantastic & are the SOLE SOURCE of a "HURRICANE of OXYGEN" building 6 times more lean tissue, muscle mass than all exercises including weight training as documented in comparative research revealed via press releases. *Archives back to 10/ 08 REVEAL RECORD RESULTS for many~now *YOU*~FINALLY find out how we do *O2*Breakthrough™ miracles for clients and *YOU* too! *Only MINUTES a day *FOR *YOU: A #Perfect10in10™{TM}POWER*Perfect 10™{TM}™ Telephone Training Techniques *O2 Secrets shared for 24/7 available peak performance conditioning. Your perfectly chiseled face and body are only a short time away, only weeks! ANTI-AGE YOU*for best health for your *YOUNGEST, YUMMIEST YOU YET! You'll love how young you look and FEEL!!

  • MOVE, FEEL, & GROW Julie Carrer on Change Radio w Rhonda ***Gift For Listeners

    in Health

    Julie knows what it's like to feel that something is missing from your life and to realize that, that something is the real you. 40 years old Julie Le Carrer is French and currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. She is a healer, an intuitive artist and the founder of Movefeel&grow! a new exciting method of transformation and healing to help uncover your real you and tap into your own inner power. Julie had her own journey of uncovering her real self and getting to express herself fully. Growing up she was emotionally and verbally abused and that left her really broken and with hardly any sense of self. She knows that whichever experience anyone has had in life many of you today feel like there is a part of yourself missing from within. In her own journey of empowerment, Julie was able to discover herself, her gifts and her calling to help women empower themselves and thus participate in the healing of the world. Becoming deeply aware of her own body is what changed Julie's life in a big and profound way and body awareness is now key in her work. The specificity of Julie's work is that she uses the body as a tool of transformation using movements combined with intentions which she creates around a specific issue or topic, ex: 'Feel your anger', 'Open to abundance', 'Profound grounding', and present it in short video sessions (3 mins) for you to follow, along with a narration to guide, inspire and anchor intentions deep within. The result is a powerful tool for you to use whenever you wish to, and bring transformation and healing into your life.
    With Movefeel&grow! Julie invites you to be present with yourself which in itself is opening the door to your own transformation.

  • Connecting the Dots♦ With Co-host 15 Year Old ♦ Lashai Ben Salmi

    in Health

    We Can All Learn form  Co-host 15 Year Old  Host Lashai Ben...

  • Shaken Not Stirred hosted by Mick Beaman

    in Health

    Why settle for staring out the window, watching the world sped by? Parkinson's may slow us down, but that doesn't mean we stop living life to the fullest. There are no ordinary moments, each one is a golden gift.
    Join host Mick Beaman as he discusses medications, doctors, therapies, educational symposiums, care partners, love and life as we know it through the eyes of a parkie.


    in Health

    ABOUT THE SHOW Uniting any community on any one issue can be a huge challenge! Personalities (and egos) more times than not get in the way of creating a unified cause! So we did our research. There are more than a dozen online forums / groups trying to unite the HIV community. We will talk to a special guest who left one group to start his own. We will learn why this happened and what can be done to unify the HIV online community! Can you imagine - hundreds of people living with or affected by HIV, all working together in unison?  Can we make it happen? Join us to find out! ABOUT OUR GUEST Our amazing guest for this show, Todd Davis, found himself caught in the crossfire of trying to achieve a more healing space without bias in online support group forums! So we had to bring him on IMRU! Todd is the founder of  “Our Voice. The Voice for HIV” an online forum that is free from personal bias and delivers honest feedback!  While online forums are not official sources of medical advice, we will talk to Todd about his insider view of what makes for a successful online community that actually provides solutions for its members.

  • Dementia Caregivers Often Struggle In Silence

    in Caregiving

    Caring for a person with dementia symptoms is unlike caring for someone with any other condition or disability, due to the complex, unpredictable and progressive nature of the many causes of dementia.
    Most caregivers find it very difficult to access help and support and many struggle to take time out from their caring commitments to properly care for themselves.  Research shows that more than half of dementia caregivers experience feelings of guilt when seeking support and say they feel like they are putting their needs before the person they are caring for. It takes a village to care for someone with dementia-let me help you build your village!
    The Dementia Whisperer invites any caregiver-professional, family or community, currently providing care for a loved one, client or resident with dementia- those of you whom are experiencing  the emotional pressures of caring- to call  The Dementia Whisperer Live  at 1-929-477-1393.  
    IT IS REALLY THAT EASY to gain access to compassionate and specialized assistance, individually tailored to your needs as a caregiver whom  may well be experiencing stress and anxiety as a result of your caregiving role.
    With an aging population and more people finding themselves in caring roles, this live call-in show is an accessible form of non-judgemental  online support and promises to provide you, the caregiver, with a pervasive positive impact. 
    Join us today and speak with The Dementia Whisperer, her esteemed co-host, Scott Cluthe along with knowledgeable guests-all whom are "dementia-aware" care providers to answer your questions, provide care resources, relatable advice and help guide you on your dementia care journey.

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