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  • Creating Close Connections Combats Loneliness!

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst Steinmetz, will speak to Elaine Malec, licensed psychologist and Founder and CEO of iCorConnects (Connecting Hearts) about how reciprocal connections between people can help tackle loneliness and improve quality of life for families.

  • How to Deal and Correct Hair Loss Issues

    in Health

    By the age of 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of hair loss. By the age of 50, approximately 85% of men will have significant thinning hair. August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month and more than 95% of hair loss in men results from androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness.  Thankfully to technology and medicine, there more and more treatments are being developed to help with hair loss.
    Today, we have Dr. Kenneth Anderson, board certified hair restoration surgeon from Atlanta, GA and a specialist in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for hair loss, joining us for the discussion. From the most innovative stem cell research to the older strip surgery procedures, Dr. Anderson expert doctor can educate you on what really works and what does not work.

  • Diabetes Late Nite - The Angry Show

    in Health

    Tonight Mr. Divabetic takes on 'ANGER and DIABETES' with musical inspiration from Evelyn "Champagne" King. 
    We all know what anger is, and we've all felt it: whether as a fleeting annoyance or as full-fledged rage.
    Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion.  But  keeping your temper in check can be challenging especially while managing your diabetes.  
    Diabetes is the perfect breeding ground for anger. Anger can start at diagnosis with the question, "Why me?" You may dwell on how unfair diabetes is: "I'm so angry at this disease! I don't want to treat it. I don't want to control it. I hate it!”
    One reason diabetes and anger so often go hand in hand is that diabetes can make you feel threatened. Life with diabetes can seem full of dangers - insulin reactions or complications. When you fear these threats, anger often surges to your defense.
    While it's true that out-of-control anger can cause more harm than good, that's only part of the story. Anger can also help you assert and protect yourself. You can learn to use your anger. You can even put it to work for better diabetes care.
    Ready to get your anger under control?
    Podcast guests include Author of "Overcoming Destructive Anger” Dr. Bernard Golden PhD, Dr. Lori Shemek PhD, Susan Weiner MS, RD, CDE, CDN, Laura Laria, Jill Knapp- Woolsey, Poet Lorraine Brooks, Mama Rose Marie, and the Charlie’s Angels Outreach. 
    Throughout the podcast we will be playing selected songs from The Essential Evelyn "Champagne" KIng courtesy of SONY Music. 
    Diabetes Late Nite is a fast-paced, full-filled hour of diabetes education and wellness advice that encourages listeners to “laugh a little, learn a lot.” 

  • Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & The Art of Being Human Sarah Marshank

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Sarah Marshank MEd. Sarah is the the founder of Selfistry, a comprehensive integrative educational system for mastering the art of being human. She is the author of theBeing Selfish: My Journey for Escort to Monk to Grandmother. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Sarah teaches and speaks internationally, facilitates on line courses, and works one-on one with individuals. Sarah's embodied teaching and presence come from spending ten years in retreat. Her life’s purpose, articulated and expressed through Selfistry, integrates Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology with meditative and somatic practices.

  • Keeping It Real with Cindy, Robin Meyer, Amy Cavanaugh and Cheryl Farmer

    in Caregiving

    Keeping It Real with Cindy will be having a round table discussion on Tues Aug 9th at 8PM ET, 7PM CT, 6PM MT, 5PM PT, with 3 amazing women about cancer and how it can affect everyone that is touched by it, whether it be a family member or a friend..We will be keeping it real in hopes of helping those that are dealing with cancer. You will get the perspectives of both the patient and the caregiver in this episode of Keeping It Real with Cindy. Our goal is to help validate your emotions but also to help with understanding. Cindy, which has been a caregiver has invited Robinette Meyer, Robinette has been a caregiver of several family members with cancer and is also a psychic,medium and healer, Amy Cavanaugh, which has both perspectives as a cancer survivor and a caregiver but has also worked and studied with hospice, near death and afterlife experts and also Cheryl Farmer, which is a cancer survivor. All four of us are passionate about this subject and this roundtable discussion will be very honest and come from a place of understanding because we have all been there in some way. We will NOT be doing psychic readings on this show..Please feel free to call in with your questions or concerns regarding cancer. Call in # is 516-418-5420. Hope to see you there!

  • please join us as we talk with Lisa Davis Budzinski about chronic pain disorders

    in Health

    please join us as we talk with Lisa Davis Budzinski.About chronic pain disorders.

  • Pure And Wholly Living

    in Health

    Stay tuned...

  • join us as we talk about MS.and how we need to help get people with ms help

    in Health

    please join us as we talk about MS.and how we need to help and things they us to treat MS.

  • The Truth in Medical Healing

    in Health

    All about health and Medical healing, prescription drugs adverse events, antiaging,The effects of acidosis on health and wellbeing.

  • O2 Breakthrough™ *Power #Perfect10in10™ Training Minutes a Day

    in Health

    My clients burn 7,000 calories 1st minute~END PAIN in 30 seconds? How? Why? Scientific Studies show 21 times more weight loss than all other exercises. World renowned research scientists explain why these O2 Breakthrough™ unique exercises feel fantastic & are the SOLE SOURCE of a "HURRICANE of OXYGEN" building 6 times more lean tissue, muscle mass than all exercises including weight training as documented in comparative research revealed via press releases. *Archives back to 10/ 08 REVEAL RECORD RESULTS for many~now *YOU*~FINALLY find out how we do *O2*Breakthrough™ miracles for clients and *YOU* too! *Only MINUTES a day *FOR *YOU: A #Perfect10in10™{TM}POWER*Perfect 10™{TM}™ Telephone Training Techniques *O2 Secrets shared for 24/7 available peak performance conditioning. Your perfectly chiseled face and body are only a short time away, only weeks! ANTI-AGE YOU*for best health for your *YOUNGEST, YUMMIEST YOU YET! You'll love how young you look and FEEL!!

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    Is There a Narcissist In Your Life?

    in Health

    Caroline’s guest today is Melanie Tonia Evans founder of The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie is the author of two books, over a dozen eBooks, written countless articles and recorded just as many radio shows, and the founder of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program which has facilitated unprecedented recoveries for thousands of people from over 50 countries from all over the world. If you have been through an abusive relationship with someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, you will know that no one understands what you are going through unless they have personally experienced it. Melanie sheds light on this behavior disorder and how the narcissist can undermine your well being and your life. Don’t miss this show!
    Monday Night Teleconferences are on hiatus for the summer. Join us again live on Monday September 4 where Caroline will take your questions and do spot readings for you and your family! You can listen to all archives, by topic, at my website:https://www.carolinesutherland.com/teleseminars-archive.cfm
    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time." - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

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