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  • Apr 24 ~ Charlotte View: Sacred Time Medicine Woman w/ Nicole Myers Henderson

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    Charlotte View Internet Radio presents: On Sacred Time Medicine Woman Show with Nicole Myers Henderson
    12 PM (EASTERN TIME) 11 AM (CENTRAL) 10 AM (MOUNTAIN) 9 AM (PACIFIC) CALL IN (805) 830-8344 #TAKEMYCALL available: for only $20 GET answers to your question and talk to Nicole before all others
    1. Free Therapeutic Telepathy, Medical Remote Diagnostic to help you understand what your symptoms are telling you 2. Detect subtle as well as extreme imbalances, and determine what a particular body needs 3. Star Children & Star Seeds Coaching ~ identify and own your natural abilities 4. Telepathic Communication with people that can't talk: autism, stroke, brain damage, alzheimer's, etc
    Nicole Myers Henderson is a Medical Intuitive & Health and Wellness Consultant. She is known to many as a force of nature, an empath, medical remote viewer, intuitive, telepath and diagnostician. Nicole is the published author of ON SACRED TIME, Tapping the power within, advanced emotional freedom therapist, cellular memory detoxification therapist, and a huge advocate of teaching the next generation how to create peace and understanding. 
    Email: onsacredtime@gmail.com
    Twitter: @sacredtime_nikk
     Website: www.earthessenceinc.com
     Phone: 704-791-7638
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  • Mar 27~Charlotte View: Energetically YOU! w/ Carol L Calvert @ The Light Retreat

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    Calling from The Light Retreat in Charlotte, Carol L. Calvert presents Energetically YOU! on Charlotte View Internet Radio
    Everything you need to know to have an Energetic Lifestyle and Wellness  What are the newest results achieved with Light Therapy.  Help in answering the question: "What Else can I Do for My Health?" Listen to experts in the field Get Discounts and Promotions to their events before anyone Please read Charlotte View's Disclaimer We are all energetic beings comprised of and supported by frequency, light and sound. Not only are we made of light, but we also generate light. That personal, literal light radiates from deep within our bodies. It also streams right through from outside to the inside of us, not stopping for skin or clothing. Because we consist of light, our energetic boundaries are nothing more or less than light. It is our intent that through all these shows, an amazing influx of Light will be ever generating unexplored levels of limitless physical perfection, vibrant health, radiant beauty, abundance, joy, and bliss
    www.LightingUpCharlotte.com   / (704) 729-GLOW
    Create your own podcast or go big with a monthly show: www.charlotteview.net  /  info@charlotteview.net

  • JJ Virgin - The Sugar Impact Diet

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    Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert JJ Virgin is a three-time NY Times bestselling author.
    Her most recent book, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Hidden Sugars, Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks, shows how to identify sneaky sugars, crush your sugar addiction, and shift from being a sugar burner to a fat burner.
    Her other NY Times bestsellers include The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days, and The Virgin Diet Cookbook: 150 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Lose Weight and Feel Better Fast. They have also been bestsellers in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, and numerous other media outlets.
    JJ specializes in weight loss resistance related to food intolerance and has helped hundreds of thousands of people finally lose the weight and feel better fast.

  • Yoga Partout rencontre Gopinath Dass depuis l'Inde: (1ère et 2ème partie)

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    Cette émission web radio sera une retransmission en différé d'un cours que Gopinath Dass (Guy Tétreault) avait offert au Canada lors de son passage chez yogapourtous de Gaëlle Cosnuau.
    Pour de plus amples renseignements, puisque Gopinath Dass nous a demandé de reporter une rencontre en temps réel jusqu'à une date indéterminé, communiquez avec info@yogapartout.com
    Merci de votre compréhension.
    Si, toutefois, vous souahaitez prendre sa place, car vous désirez faire votre yoga "international" (vous demeurez à l'extérieur de l'Amérique du Nord), nous aimerions vous interviewer et apprendre à connaitre votre yoga.  Pour ce faire, communiquez avec nous à: cheminverslecoeur@yogapartout.com
    Et bonne écoute des autres émissions!

  • Michèle Lefevre de Yogamrita

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    L'école de yoga Yogamrita propose des stages, une formation de professeur avec l'approche ayurvédique, des cours, ainsi que des matinées d'approfondissement du yoga. Michèle Lefèvre, principale enseignante de l'école, communique aussi sur son blog en proposant de nombreux articles sur le yoga.
    YogaPartout vous invite à participer à son émission.
    Trouvez les infos à: http://yogapartout.com/Radio Écrivez à: cheminverslecoeur@yogapartout.com Notre mission: http://www.yogapartout.com/Mission Sur Youtube: http://youtube.com/YogaPartout

  • Chandra Livingston-"My Heart is Fixed"-ARBONNE CONSULTANT & FINANCIAL ADVISOR

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    Chandra Danner Livingston's wealth and wellness consulting practice for inspiration, financial education and "green" e-commerce. Here, you'll find resources for living in abundance.  Chandra offers you strategies to become more efficient and profitable within your personal and business lifestyle.  It's Harvest Time: Reaping the Treasure God has Waiting For You, is Chandra's message about viewing your life through a "Faith" lens.  Chandra welcomes invitations to speak at wealth and wellness workshops to share strategies for authentic worship, healthy living, and financial literacy. Chandra also campaigns for better health and wellness through the Arbonne opportunity.  As a leader, she provides training and consultation to a diverse group of entrepreneurs, teaching them how to tailor the Arbonne Advantage business model into their lifestyle. The My Heart is Fixed platform is about realizing better health and wealth through the awesome power of consistency and faith.  It's Your Time to become a better version of yourself as you harmonize the actions of your mind, body, and soul toward achieving your life goals. It's Your Season to Refresh, Renew, and Revive.
    Chandra's website:  http://www.myheartisfixed.com

  • DSMA Live: 'Rents | Scott Benner of Arden's Day, Take 2!

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    Scott Benner, who writes at ArdensDay.com, is dad of two, one of whom lives with type 1 diabetes. We catch up with Scott after more than two years since we last spoke. You can tune in to that show here. We find out what he's been up to since, including his new podcast: Juicebox. 

  • May 11 ~ Chris Kehler, Energetically Healing the Holistic / Spiritual Community

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    Charlotte View welcomes back our favorite Holistic Canadian Practitioner, Chris Kehler. Once again Chris will amaze our callers and listeners with his outstanding ability to use remote energy healing and his intuitively work with modalities such as dowsing, metaphysical tools, radionics and Quantum Touch. 
    During this show, Chris is 'Paying IT Forward' to the Holistic/Spiritual Community by inviting a selected group of Psychics, Mediums, Medical Intuitives, Life Coaches, Spirituals, etc who have lived in service for their whole existence and who agree with Chris that Energy Healing can be used for health problems so they instantly become a thing of the past.
    Here is how Chris' protocol works: 
    He starts by using the pendulum and chart method of finding the area that the illness is   Finds what stressor is causing the illness.  Performs the energy work ~ He uses an array of different types of "tools" to neutralize the stressor in any particular area. The energy from Chris' tools works just the same over the phone and Skype as it does if you were in-person. 
    E-mail: ckehler100@shaw.ca
    Website: www.chriskehler.net
    Skype: chriskehler

  • Diabetes Late Nite inspired by Phantom Of The Okra

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    The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic gets caught up in a murder mystery when he agrees to host the Red Tomato Carpet at the 5th Annual Bake Bethesda A Pie Contest at Central Farm Market.
    Will orange be the 'new black' for Mr. Divabetic? Find out what happens when Mr. Divabetic and the rest of the Diabetes Late Nite cast try to unravel this diabetes murder mystery loosely based on Phantom Of The Opera. The storyline includes tons of diabetes and nutrition information packed between moments of suspense (and hopefully) laughter. 
    Guests include: Best-Selling Author Tonya Kappes, Asha Brown (founder of the We Are Diabetes organization), Central Farm Markets Co-Founder Debra Moser, Poet Lorraine Brooks, Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, Kathy Gold RN, MSN, CDE, Susan Weiner MS, RD, CDE, CDN, Leisa Chester Weir and Mama Rose Marie.
    This podcast features song selections from the Phantom Of The Opera soundtrack courtesy of SONY Music. 

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