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    It is my pleasure to have Arlene Spann on I Am A Superwoman Radio. Arlene Spann is a speaker,  author, and a weight loss coach. She knows from first-hand experience how being overweight can affect one’s life. She once weighed a nice 125 pounds, and because of life challenges, her weight skyrocketed to an unhealthy 183 pounds. After learning she had high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic,  Arlene decided to do something about her situation. She began to move more but found it hard to continue alone. She learned of a weight loss program at her church called Bod4God and decided to sign up. There she discovered healthier eating habits and how to exercise more through prayer and the powerful Word of God.
    Arlene inspires to give a unique approach to healthy living. She shares the body, mind and spirit connection in a practical way many can learn from. Her empowering messages will change and move others confidently forward on their total health  and weight loss journey. Arlene is  known for her uniquely and dynamic style. Described as a the little lady that can, she has a unique combination of a meek and  quiet spirit to uplift even the discouraged. With her tireless energy as a wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver and woman of God, her genuine love for life is contagious as she draws others to Christ in a loving and healthy manner. 
    Let's give Arlene a great big old I Am A Superwoman Radio welcome!!..

  • EMF - Awareness Precedes Action with Alison Heath

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    The invisible threat from electromagnetic radiation exposure is being described as the largest health challenge humanity has ever encountered. 
    Without an understanding, action cannot be taken to protect your health.
    Alison Heath is passionate about creating awareness surrounding the issues of electromagnetic radiation, and as such, she created the EMF Summit. Here she interviewed world class experts, who are researching the negative health effects and helping us to understand how we can mitigate the damage to ourselves and our families. 
    Alison is also known as the longevity rescuer and a multi-interview series called Your Vibrant Health Secrets.
    Join me, Lucinda Curran, as I talk with this extraordinary woman... Find out the secrets she learned from interviewing experts in different aspects of electromagnetic radiation, and what YOU can do for your optimal wellbeing.
    Apart from joining us today, I strongly encourage you to join the EMF SUMMIT, watch what the experts are saying, and act on it to protect yourself and your family. Future generation depend on your awareness and action.
    #EMF #AlisonHealth #EcoHealthSolutions

  • WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Brain Healthy Foods

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    I used to "LOVE" Pringles (along w/a plethora of other food products), but it wasn't until after my TBI that I started noticing... things weren't as they seemed.
    Over the last six years, I've discovered over 100 'food products' that I once consumed but now don't (and won't) because of what I've learned about them.
    Join us tonight at 7pm PDT on www.BrainInjuryRadio.com or call in LIVE @424.243.9540 as we discuss BRAIN HEALTHY FOOD and items that hinder our overall well Being.
    Tune in this week to add another perspective to your daily repertoire.  If there is something in particular you would like to hear Kevin discuss, join us on Fridays and share in the chat room with the "Marvelous Maggie" (Kevin's 24/7 Partner and Professional Care Assistant)

  • DiabetesSisters Social Media Meet-up feat. DSMA Live (L.A.)

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     Join us for an evening of interactive one-hour show at the DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women Conference-it will be a good mix of in-person networking, spontaneous interviews and a great way to meet the team behind DiabetesSisters, Brandy Barnes and Anna Norton.

  • Daily Gogetemism #22

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    Gogetemism Saturday

  • Exploring the Top 25 M.L.M. Businesses

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    Network Marketing seems to be the fastest growing opportunity to achieving entreprenuerial success, with more and more people opting in to start their own business.
    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon and her special guests (TBA) as we discuss the top 25 American-Based Multi-Level Marketing companies of 2013 and why they are successful.
    In this rocky, up and down economy, could network marketing be for you?  Have you tried joining other Multi-level Marketing businesses and failed?
    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.

  • O2 Breakthrough™ Training Minutes a Day

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    *My clients burn 7,000 calories 1st minute~END PAIN in 30 seconds? How? Why? Scientific Studies show 21 times more weight loss than all other exercises. World renowned research scientists explain why these O2 Breakthrough™ unique exercises feel fantastic & are the SOLE SOURCE of a "HURRICANE of OXYGEN" building 6 times more lean tissue, muscle mass than all exercises including weight training as documented in comparative reseearch revealed via press releases. *Archives back to 10/ 08 REVEAL RECORD RESULTS for many~now *YOU*~FINALLY find out how we do *O2*Breakthrough™ miracles for clients and *YOU* too! *Only MINUTES a day *FOR *YOU: A #Perfect10in10™{TM}POWER*Perfect 10™{TM}™ Telephone Training Techniques *O2 Secrets shared for 24/7 available peak performance conditioning. Your perfectly chiseled face and body are only a short time away, only weeks! ANTI-AGE YOU*for best health for your *YOUNGEST, YUMMIEST YOU YET! You'll love how young you look and FEEL!! 

  • The lattest news for your health true and un varneshed local and national.

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    We will Introduce our new format wich will include both local and national news including health wellness and more.

  • Health By Design

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    The radio program of Alpha Health Ministry will focus on Health Education and personal health improvement by covering various health & wellness topics designed to educate, elevate and inspire people to take control of their health & well-being.  This is a Christian radio program which adheres to biblical based principles designed to promote a Healthy Spirit, Soul and Body. Join us for another segment of Health By Design hosted by Minister Surette Sands.

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  • Signs, Wonders & Miracles

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    The Purpose of Signs Wonders and Miracles, how they relate to healing and ministry of Jesus, in the Kingdom of God, the New Testament Church, Theological Hindrance, Relation to Faith, the Early Chruch, Middle Ages, Reformation to the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries and Models for Ministering.

  • Survivors of Open Heart Surgery

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    Open Heart Surgery survivors is a population of people that are doing just that surviving. This forum has been a talk show since june 2009 that started out as a internship for grade in my student work study class. The passion has always been there to talk about new health finds and or innovative finds in the field of Cardiovascular disease. Talk about health, foods, medicine good bad and ugly; tune in every saturday 2:pm.

  • KNOCK OUT on Special Sat. Edition Recovery Now with Kim Justus

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    "If life throws you a curve ball, hit it out of the park!" Sage advice from one ball players mom. My guest tonight is Tim Bransfield, survivor and soon to be published author of Life Interrupted: The Tim Bransfield Story  From Fenway to Headway at age 17, when as a shortstop in the MA/CT Allstars Game, he was clocked with the baseball. Interestingly, THAT wasn't considered his TBI. That day came in 2002, in a horrific car accident. Join us a Tim shares his story from his original dreams, through one of those re-set moments in life, where we go from survivor to thriver.
    This show is a gathering place for anyone seeking recovery from the challenges of life on life's terms. I introduce topics, and survivor's share their experience, strength and hope. We discuss useful tools that have helped us lighten the load, of our journey through recovery.
    More will be revealed! Tune in, stop in and call in. This is a "we" recovery program, because it is in the "we," that we find the new "me."
    We focus on the four A's of Recovery...Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Adaptation. This is a place for survivor's striving to become thrivers.  :)
    Some nights we will have a featured guest, and others we will introduce a topic of recovery, encouraging callers to join us in the discussion. The second part of the show is Open Mic and some great Indy Music, sure to inspire!
    Host is Kim Justus, author of In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond found at www.inaflash.org & "Like" at www.facebook.com/inaflash.org

  • Are you AFRAID OF EBOLA???

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    Tonight we will be discussing Ebola....and the affects of it worldwide and in society. We also wantg to ask if this disease is REAL or just a MYTH! We will also be discussing Eric Duncan THomas (Dallas native now dead coming home  from Liberia and had ebola) and the Texas Presbysterian Hospital who failed to save him. Also, we discuss the other two white patients who caught the disease and were CURED! This is a great show and we want to discuss this epidemic disease and what can be done to stop it.

  • Herbs Really Work!

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    Are you looking for a more natural approach to your wellness? Are you tired of the side effects that many prescription drugs have? Would you like to learn more about natures remedies for depression, anxiety and other common ailments?  Join me as I discuss how herbs really do work

  • The Psychology Of Eating & Soul Collage with Iris Ztarr

    in Nutrition

    Healing your Relationship with Body & Food. Nurturing your Creative Spirit through Coaching & Art Process.
    Iris Ztarr's Bio.
    For most of my life (since my late teens) I have been fascinated by health and healing, nutrition and food. As a young child from the age of 7 to 17, I suffered from intense eczema on my hands.  It was so bad in winter I would have to wear thin plastic gloves to bed at night over the layer of cortisone cream prescribed to me on a regular basis by my doctor. The spaces between my fingers were red, open and weeping and they itched like crazy. I thought I would have this for the rest of my life. Radiation treatment didn't help nor did visits to a skin specialist. They only kept the symptoms in check without getting to the root cause of the problem.
    When I left home at the tender age of 17 and moved back to the city my eczema miraculously disappeared, only to return again later when stressful life circumstances emerged in my early 20's. At this point in time I went to a naturopath for the first time in my life and realised that I could take control of my own health. This was the beginning of my fascination with health and healing and the power of our thoughts and beliefs to affect our overall state of well being. I learned that stress and diet play a large part in the state of our health. 
    I started to gain weight after the birth of my son. I yo-yo dieted for years, going to Weight Watchers, trying all kinds of diet and exercise regimes, as well gym membership. It was always the same: I would lose weight initially, but when I could no longer stand depriving myself, all the weight would come back plus some. I thought I had a willpower problem but this was not the case. 

  • The Business of Disease

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    Finally, the movie, Business of Disease, is opening to the public across the US.  Sonia Barrett, Director/Producer and Dreamspell productions presents a much awaited video about health as a money making machine; largely devoid of health concerns for the individual.  Dominated by BigPharma and a NOT so affordable health care act, we the people have been left behind to fend for ourselves where our health is concerned.
    Maybe that is the correct direction for all of us; that we should all embrace the concept of SELF HEALTH. We MUST become aware that it is in our hands now; Health for the People, by the People is the only way to insure that our quality of life remains solid, safe and available.
    Sonia Barrett is a visionary who saw it coming.  She interviewed leaders who she identified as being on the forefront of change and innovation for health care in the coming millennium.

  • Thyroid Disease 101 Weekly

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    This week join Dan Collins, as he  has a conversation with his FIRST EVER Thyroid Cancer Patient Danielle Maria. Learn how Danielle learned first about her diagnosis, then treatment and what she is doing today to stay in good health but to also help others if this diagnosis is givent to them. Join us LIVE or on ARCHIVE 365/24/7

  • Open Up Your Vision

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    Open Up Your Vision

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    Breast Cancer Treatments with Dr Juliann Reiland

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    Dr. Reiland is a breast surgeon with over 20 years of experience and her practice currently focuses on providing treatments for women dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis.  Her treatments include intra-operative electron radiation therapy as well as oncoplasty.  She graduated from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine and completed a surgical residency at Creighton University.  She is currently the medical direction for the Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Breast Program at Avera McKennan Hospital.  She has also acted as a consultant and has lectured nationally and internationally. 
    Dr. Reiland may be reached at DrJuliann.com.
    Disclaimer:  The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not meant for diagnosis or treatment.  Seek the help of your health care provider before making any changes to your health.

  • Sexy Hamburglars & Smashing Pumpkin Smoothies

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    Bloggers/Writers Julia & Allison are giving talk radio another shot, this time sharing their experience and knowledge about health and wellness...and in Julia & Allison fashion, this can't be done without a humorous take on hot topics, surprise guests, and an unhealthy level of pun usage.  For our first show back in the saddle, we will discuss Allison' s ongoing journey to a healthier life, we review our Top Ten List of the dumbest Halloween Costumes we could find online, we share a great recipe for a healthy pumpkin smoothie, and we have a not-so-serious discussion about WTF is up with Renee Zellweger's face.

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    Prostate Cancer Survivor - Michael Russer shares his amazing story on life w/ED

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    This weeks episode verse off the subject of breast cancer and profiles prostate cancer survivor Michael Russer - speaker and author of a new book called :Hardly Broken" 
    Here is an exerpt from his recent blog post:
    "How ‘Losing My Manhood’ Made Me a Better Man
    ED (erectile dysfunction) is the best thing that has ever happened to my intimate life.  There, I said it. Actually, I say it a lot. On radio, TV, print, online and occasionally gatherings (it’s a great way to quiet a room down if things get rowdy). If some guy had made the same claim to me just 12 months ago I would have thought he was either insane or on some really good drugs. Being fully and clinically impotent is not something most men are willing to discuss. Or for that matter, even be comfortable listening to others talk about. The way some people react you would think that my “condition” is contagious.
    Please join us for this extradinary interview! Send us your questions on FB and Twitter.

  • Myopia, Is your child at risk?; How can I lessen the progression?

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    Parents — especially those who are nearsighted and had to wear glasses throughout childhood — are often concerned about the causes of myopia and whether their children are doomed to being nearsighted, too.
    If this sounds like you, try not to worry too much.
    Are your child's eyes getting worse year after year?
    Some children who develop myopia (nearsightedness) have a continual progression of their myopia throughout the school years, including high school. 
    What You Can Do About Myopia Progression
    The best thing you can do to help slow the progression of your child's myopia is to schedule annual eye exams so your eye doctor can monitor how much and how fast his or her eyes are changing.
    Often, children with myopia don't complain about their vision, so be sure to schedule annual exams even if they say their vision seems fine.
    If your child's eyes are changing rapidly or regularly, ask your eye doctor about myopia control measures to slow the progression of nearsightedness.

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