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    Do Something Healthy

    in Caregiving

    Ways to do something healthy everyday

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    Are schools responsible for a child's nutrition needs?

    in Nutrition

    There should be no question obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. When it comes to the nation's overweight children, much of the problem is blamed on a lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Who is responsible for childhood nutrition?
    In this episode we'll discuss how schools and communities play a role in childhood nutrition. Do they take away responsibility from parents? Are school lunches and breakfasts a good way to target childhood obesity?

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    Test Audio

    in Health

    test message

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    Product Overview and Answer Questions

    in Nutrition

    We are going to go over the benefits of the product and how the product can change your life forever.  The product has changed my life and many others.  We'll go over the ingredients and how this product is a Scientific Revolution!!

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    "Positive Power Chat" with Wendy Wagoner CH.t

    in Health

    "Breaking Through Betrayal: And Recovering the Peace Within" is written by Holli Kenley, MA. Holli's book addresses the 3 different types of betrayal and a five step process to help aid in recovery. This episode explores the topic of betrayal and how to overcome it. We'll also be talking about Holli's book and how it can assist you or someone you know recover from betrayal.

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    Dr. Renee Interviews Dr. Madeline Lewis

    in Health

    Join us as Dr. Renee interviews Dr. Madeline Lewis is President/CEO of the Deline Institute for Professional Development. Dr. Lewis has been certified by The Professional Woman Network as a Diversity Trainer with special emphasis in Women Issues. Dr. Lewis has a new class : 8 Reasons Professional Women Get Stuck in Their Careers – and How to Get Out”.
    Dr. Renee is the HEAologist who is dedicated to sharing information to support the healing process. Learn more at www.DrRenee.com

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    Signature Sherri Live

    in Fitness

    This is a discussion of the life style issues of health and fitness.  The focus is on areas surrouding exercise and healthy eating.  Your host, Sherri Muir, is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor with a national fitness organization, and the principal at Signature Sherri, LLC.  She has competed in numerous fitness competions in her mid-thirties as a mother of three children, having placed in the top three on two occasions against single women ten years her junior.
    Sherri is the mother of three children and four step-children, ranging from elementary to high school.  She understands the issues you are facing in today's world.  Not just getting children to eat right and get enough exercise, but more importantly, showing you how to exercise (without having to join a health club) and how to prepare healthy meals with little time and on a budget.
    Sherri's guests will include specialists in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  You will learn what type of exercise program is right for you, we are not all the same.  How to cook healthy meals on a budget, with little time, and actually taste good.  With the input of some of the nations top lifestyle coaches, you will learn how to go about changing your lifestyle to build a better you.
    We all have to understand the importance of two of our core assets, heallth and fitness.  Without them where would you be?  If your health or fitness deteriorates, what will your future life be like?  What do you want your life to be like the day before you die, healthy and fit, or feeble and sickly?  No matter your age, health or fitness level, you will benefit from these discussions.
    Most important, is the realization this is a journey.  It is about progress, not perfection.  It is not the goal; it is the steps you take along the path towards your objective.  It is about having fun in life.

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    Health, Beauty and Natural Choices Talks with Cherie Corso

    in Health

    I remember a few years ago looking for safe and natural nail polishes and removers, and thinking "they can't exist!"... Which lead me to finding Cherie and her line of G2 Organics Nail care line.
    Join us as Cherie and I discuss beauty, bringing change to the world of fashion, and helping women to connect with themselves and others.
    Cherie Corso is an entrepreneur, Reiki practitioner, environmentalist, beauty and cosmetics expert, and creator of G2 Organics.  She believes that "one drop at a time we can help the environment".

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    Special Needs Adaptive Training

    in Fitness

    Today we will be discussing what Special Needs Adaptive Training is and how this technology can change the lives of individuals who have been injured and ahvelimited mobility.

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    Envision & Achieve Your Best- Immunization or Vaccination?

    in Health

    Back by request and popular demand......Dr. Tim O'Shea.   Dr. Tim is an international author, world lecturer and leader in the field of vaccinations for the past decade.   The latest of many publications is his new vaccine book.... 13th ed  The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization!
    He believes it’s the duty of the individual today, especially the parent, to make a real effort to protect ourselves and our children against an increasingly hostile environment. Learn about the air, the food, and the water. Honor that most sacred of environments: human blood.
    He claims there wouldn't be 4 millions autistic children  in the US today if we had followed this one simple rule.  Join us Sunday October 14th to find out what this rule is?  Can we really control the prevalence of Autism? 
    Is the flu vaccine safe and effective?  How do you support your immune system if you choose not to get the flu vaccine?  What does statistically significant research say about flu shots and Alzheimer's?   Are there Doctors that don't vaccinate and why?  What is the Brown Bill ab 2109?
    All this and more coming up in this next segment.....

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    Eating Disorders, Who does it affect?

    in Health

    Eating Disorders has become very alarming at the rate in which it growing in our society today. Iniitally it started with it target population amony high school girls but now it has increased to women of all ages.
    We are also seeing a drastic shift among the male population also. I hope that we can each discuss the impact it has on friends, family members and the general public as a whole.
    I hope that we would be be professional with each and respect each others opinion.

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