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    Medina J. Nance 15 Min. Health Tip of The Day

    in Health

    Medina J. Nance, Hostess
    Medina J. Nance is a Naturopathic Herbalist, Natural Health Teacher and Health Consultant. She has been working in the field of Naturopathy for 25 years. She has conducted health workshops as well as private consultations, evaluations/programs and BTA Testing (Biological Terrain). Over the past 25 years, she has helped a multitude of people to safely come off of Medications, Dialysis, deal with common health issues like Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Auto-Immune Disorders (Lupus, Sarcoidosis, Fibromyalgia, etc.) and avoid unnecessary surgeries. She has educated in many venues, via Radio on WYAA/WYCA on her radio show, ‘Ask the Herbalist’, as well as on TV on her show ‘Herban Renewal’ (Wednesdays CH21 @ 10pm) which has aired in Chicago, 13 other surrounding suburbs, as well as in California (San Francisco, Oakland), Minnesota (St. Paul & Minn.) & Georgia (Atlanta). She has also taught Certified Herbalist courses at Northeastern Illinois University (CICS) for past 12 years.
    Her motto, “Because a Body’s a Terrible Thing To Waste” For further information call (773)324-HERB (4372) www.medinajnance.com ~ herbs1519@yahooc.om

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    Poisoning of Our Food Supply

    in Health

    Dr. John discusses the poisoning of our food supply with Producer Walter Davis. Dr. John will discuss how our bodies become poisoned through our food supply. http://www.canceroptions.us. See Dr. John's Internet TV show at http://www.comf5.com/live/edhealth Email Dr. John at dr.johnjimenez@gmail.com.

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    Living PowerLife A New Year and a New You

    in Caregiving

    What do Octavia E. Butler and Stephen King have in common? Listen to my Living PowerLife radio show to find out.

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    The Power of Adequate Sleep

    in Caregiving

    In this episode of Healthy Living in a Toxic World, we will be discussing the importance of  adequate sleep for optimal work performance, mental clarity, and health. Our special guest is Dr. James Maas, an internationally renowned sleep expert and author of several books including the New York Times best-seller Power Sleep and most recently Sleep for Success.

    For mor ongoing health tips & discussion, visit my health blog: www.rawgirltoxicworld.com


    For more about Dr. James Maas, visit his website: www.powersleep.org 

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    Medical Auctions The Good and Bad What you need to know

    in Health

    Centurion Services Group is an AS IS WHERE IS auction, that means when you buy equipemnt from this company it can be in any condition; you do have the ability to inspect it, so make sure you do this.  
    If you are bidding online, you are gambling.  One dealer I know said, "hey just know that this equipment is sold as is and probably needs a complete over haul...Know this going in and you will do fine."  
    The problem with that is if you don't know, you may inadvertanlty purchase equipment thinking it may actually be a good workiing instrument and it could be, but its a gamble.  I would estimate for me, 7 out of 7 scopes I purchased were in need of a complete overhaul, and I paid wholesale plus the 17% buyers premium and shipping.  But that is okay, it was the risk I took.  I should have done my homework better.   So just know going in there may be some bargains, but if you are bidding on line you are gambling, bottom line.  Don't just take it from me, Erik Wilensky the vice president of Centurion Services Group said, "We don't touch this equipment, we just sell it."  Porter hospital,st francis healthcare systems, sault ste marie,silver cross hospital use Centurion service to sell their equipment.  

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    Hot Tub Sale Greenwood Village, Hot Tub Sale Denver, CO

    in Health

    Hot Tub Sale Greenwood Village, Hot Tub Sale Denver, CO 303-296-7727 http://ihtspas.com - Hot Spring Spas Clearance Sale. All Portable Spas and Hot Tubs Prices Reduced, New, Used Hot Tubs on Sale, Hot Tubs for Sale, Hot Tubs Spa, Denver, CO 80111,80216   Owning your own hot tub should be a relaxing and rewarding experience. Selecting your hot tub should also be an easy and relaxing experience.   International Hot Tub Company, an award-winning Spa dealer, has been providing extraordinary service to customers in the Rocky Mountain region since 1978.   Our unmatched customer service is demonstrated by our thousands of satisfied customers.   We are one of the largest Hot Spring and Caldera Spa dealers in the world.   We offer a written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as a 110% Price Guarantee on every product purchased from us   To learn more pick up a copy of our free report – “7 Secrets to Selecting the Right Hot Tub Dealer” Just give us a call at call 303-296-7727 or go to http://ihtspas.com   Hot Tub Sale Greenwood Village, Hot Tub Sale Denver

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    6 Harmonies

    in Fitness

    We will be speaking about "The 6 Harmonies" as they are outlined in the practice Taiji MeihuaTtang Lang Quan. In our discussion we will address the similarities and differences in Tai Chi model and TLQ model. We will also talk about some of the benefits of the model, and real life scenario's where people can benefit from using the 6 harmonies in their daily life.

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    Nutrition basics for a lean physique.

    in Fitness

    In this episode, Carrie Schindley talks about the fundamentals of eating right in order to lose fat, preserve muscle and have tons of energy. Carrie will cover the topics of macronutrient ratios, calories, number of meals a day, how to make good choices when eating out, and much more! 

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    Sandy Hook: Coping, Grieving and Moving Forward

    in Health

    In the wake of tradgedy how do we handle our emotions?  We can ignore them and run from them.  We can give into them and be consumed by them.  Or we can acknowledge them, grieve and then act.
    Learn how to move forward emotionally and explore what actions are the right ones for you.  Maybe you will choose to deepen your connections with others, to revive your spiritual practices or perhaps take political action. 
    There in no one perfect reaction or action.  But together in commuity we can feel, grieve and act according to our nature and begin to make this world a better place to live in now and in the future.

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