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    Our past human evolution shows what our health should be, not manmade food

    in Health

    Doing what you can to stay healthy, or to get healthy, just makes good sense.
    To help people live healthier lives is our goal in life and is the basis of each consultation we provide to our clients, at our Aging Younger Clinic, here in Lauderhill Florida.
    But we can connect with anyone in the world over the phone and the mail can provide the things which might develop from our consultation with the clients.
    We believe it is necessary to be active and responsible to our clients, to help them discover the root cause of their issues. Tune in at 7PM for the rest of the Story.

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    Pozitively Dee HIV/AIDS Discussion

    in Health

    Featured Guest- A.D. Burks, a native Texan, Author, and activist who speaks about sex addiction and how so many people don’t address this problem. Not only are they not addressing it they are not realizing how it can easily lead to contracting HIV. Which in turn many who have a sex addiction don’t even see that they could be living with HIV and be jeopardizing others by not knowing their HIV status. A.D. Burks himself a former sex addict wants to talk to the listeners about how they can to get the help that is needed stating “ What Lies at The Root of Sexual Addiction” A.D.’s book Sex And Surrender (An Addicts Journey) Helps others to resolve their own sexuality with their spirituality along with another book that gives a 4 step program into stopping sex addiction. Call in and join us as A.D. talks about his experiences. 

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    Transforming Your Body - and Your Life with the Founders of HitchFit

    in Fitness

    Making Kansas City a more fit and healthy place, one person at a time. That’s the mission of fitness power couple Micah and Diana LaCerte, co-owners of Hitch Fit Gym & Hitch Fit Online Personal Training.
    These entrepreneurs and World Champion fitness athletes have graced the covers of both fitness magazines and Thinking Bigger Business, and have pursued their mission passionately since 2009.  They have aided clients locally and globally shed over 250,000 pounds of fat.
    Micah and Diana launched Hitch Fit in the heart of a recession, with a shoestring budget, and a big dream. The online personal training business, which they built organically and through social media, has spread to 71 countries. Hitch Fit was one of the first online personal training systems. In a now saturated market, Hitch Fit stands apart by sticking with the customized approach for each client.
    Hitch Fit Gym opened its doors in August 2009 as one of the first transformation focused gyms in the US. The entire focus at Hitch Fit Gym is client success, not client retention, and helping each person achieve their goals by teaching them healthy, sustainable eating and exercise habits.
    Listen in as Diana and Micah share their story of entrepreneurial success.
    To hear all the podcasts in the Smart Companies Thinking Bigger lineup, please visit our archives.

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    Talking FTD with Geri: Traveling: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

    in Caregiving

    Geri Hall, PhD, ARNP, FAAN, Banner Alzheimer's Institute, will join Sharon Hall to discuss how to travel with your caree. Sharon cares for her husband, diagnosed with FTD last fall, and moderates our weekly FTD chat on CareGiving.com. You can call into the live 30-minute show with your questions or email them to ftdpodcastquestions@yahoo.com prior to the show.
    This podcast recording also will be available on CareGiving.com's website after the show. CareGiving.com hosts a chat for those who care for a family member with FTD every Monday at 7 p.m. ET (6 p.m. CT, 5 p.m. MT, 4 p.m. PT).
    About Dr. Hall
    Geri Hall, an internationally-recognized advanced practice nurse who holds a nursing doctorate, is widely respected for her research in Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. She developed the Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold Model, a framework for planning care of dementia patients and measuring outcomes by studying the presence or absence of behavior symptoms such as agitation and depression. The model is widely by used by professionals in the United States, Australia and South Korea.

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    Q&A Live With Djehuty

    in Health

    Djehuty gives a monologue for the first 45-60 minutes talking about various subjects and then opens up phone lines for questions and/or comments.
    Q&A With Djehuty is sponsored by DjehutyMaatraHerbs.com - Home of the Full Body Detox! To order: http://djehutymaatraherbs.com/full-body-detox-capsules/

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    Two Hour Special On Frontotemporal Dementia on Alzheimer's Speaks Radio

    in Caregiving

    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio wants all voices to join together in the conversation to share knowledge, research and insights from all angles.  There is no better way to raise awareness than being inclusive.  Let's join forces and win this battle together!
    Today, we will have a two hour feature show on Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). Our guests will include Howard Glick who is diagnosed with FTD, Lisa Griffin a Care Partner for her husband, Sharon S. Denny, Program Director at Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD), Dr. Holm with Bethesda Hospital and Heidi LaMeyer- Prelude Wellness Director and Judy Berry with Dementia Specialist Consulting who is a consultant for Prelude Memory Care.
    We encourage anyone who is dealing with or interested in dementia to join the conversation by calling in live at (714) 364-4757 or using the chat box!
    For additional resource and information check our Alzheimer's Speaks Resource Website

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    Robert Suttle - The SERO Project

    in Health

    Robert Suttle was convicted under Louisiana’s HIV-specific criminal statute after accepting a plea bargain and served six months in a Louisiana prison for HIV non-disclosure to a former partner, with whom he had a contentious relationship. Upon his release in January 2011, he has become engaged in anti-criminalization advocacy work.
    Today he is now assistant director of The SERO Project, a network of people living with HIV and allies fighting for freedom from stigma and injustice. He oversees the community outreach and education and coordinates Sero’s HIV Criminalization Survivors Network. 
    Prior to joining, SERO in March 2012, Suttle was a case manager and prevention specialist at the Philadelphia Center, a local AIDS service organization in Shreveport, Louisiana, working with other positive young African American men who have sex with men.
    Robert is also featured in the documentary film HIV is Not A Crime, has traveled abroad to Geneva, Switzerland to speak at the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board’s meeting in December, 2011, and Oslo, Norway for UNAIDS High Level Consultation on HIV criminalization in February, 2012, sharing his story. Robert is active with the Positive Justice Project and the HIV Justice Network. 

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    Oral Sex She Will Never Forget on Better Sex Bliss Radio

    in Health

    Dr. Sonia Borg joins us this week for our Better Sex Radio show. We are talking oral sex and cunnilingus with Dr. Sonia Borg, the authoer of "Oral Sex She Will Never Forget"

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    Cuckolding the Fun and the Pitfalls

    in Health

    I've been asked by so many of you to do more on cuckolding so I thought we'd visit some fun ideas that I've picked up with couples along with some of the pitfalls that could happen if you're not careful.  Like anything else, when it comes to relationships we have to be careful how we proceed so as not to ruin anything we've built up. Communication is key. So join me as we discuss everything cuckold!
    If you have a question you'd like answered on the show be sure to email me at inbedwithdrsue (at) gmail (dot) com
    **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues May 7, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!

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    Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances is Coming Your Way Soon

    in Health

    Today's guest is Boston emergency physician, Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer of Imprivata, healthcare IT security company. He will be discussing the state-of-the-art of electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and as well New York's groundbreaking legislation known as I-STOP that will be implemented in March 2016.
    EPCS is an emerging technology that is just now moving into the national healthcare IT spotlight in part because of I-STOP. I-STOP mandates that all medications be prescribed electronically, including highly addictive opioids and other controlled substances. New York is the first state to require electronic prescribing, which is a major shift in how medications will be prescribed in the future.
    It is hoped that EPCS will streamline order workflow, reduce patient wait times for prescriptions, improve provider andpatient satisfaction, reduce prescription errors, and help meet Meaningful Use goals. It should help address prescription drug abuse, including opioids and other controlled substances.  

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    2017 GOALS

    in Fitness

    A new year, new goals!

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