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    Dena Hoff on the National Family Farm Coalition

    in Nutrition

    Dena Hoff, Vice President of the National Family Farm Coalition, has farmed most of her life and has raised sheep, cattle, alfalfa, sweet corn, edible dry beans, and other crops on her farm in Glendive, Montana, since 1979. She is an active member of her rural community, serving on the Water Commission and the local food cooperative, as well as Montana-based Northern Plains Resource Council.  She represents NPRC to the Western Organization of Resource Councils and to the NFFC. 
    With Doug, she discusses the relentless efforts by multi-national agribusiness and extraction corporations to control our food and agriculture system and what the NFFC is doing in the fight to sustain non-GMO, heritage and indigenous seeds and fresh, potable water
    Learn more about her and her work with the National Family Farm Coaltion at www.NFFC.NET

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    The Dangers Of Breast Implants - The Ticking Time Bombs Affecting Millions

    in Health

    Breast Implant Illness (BII) has become a global epidemic! Most women who are ill are told it is any number of other diseases and often that it is “all in your head”. Women believe they are sick for no discernible reason and their doctors are often unaware of this devastating and deadly disease because it has been denied and covered up by device manufacturers, plastic surgeons and the FDA. 
    Andria Hiselman grew up in sunny California in the town of Huntington Beach. In 1984 she was doing some Commercials and tinkering in modeling. In June of 84 she was on the surgical table getting her first set of breast implants. This led to bigger opportunities. Poster, calendar, product ads, billboard and free bikinis. All of this would turn out to be the biggest regret of her life.  Thirty three years later, after 18 years of illness she explanted her 450 cc silicone implants.  She wants to share with other women what life with implants is truly like.  Today she is embracing her A cup status and wants to spread the message of self acceptance and self love.  
    Vikki Radow is the daughter of Bettye C Yaller who was diagnosed with BIA-ALCL and passed away from it in Sept of 2012. Vikki will tell Bettye's story. 
    Nancy Pratt lives in Northwestern British Columbia, Canada. She was brought to death’s doorstep by her Dow Corning silicone implants. Nancy, along with fellow Canadians, BIA-ALCL survivor Terri McGregor and author Gail Hamilton (Breast Implants and the D.I.R.T. Committee), founded a non-profit society ‘Breast Implant Failure & Illness Society - Canada.
    Danielle Washington is a mom and she will talk about her struggle with illness and breast implants.
    If you have breast implants you NEED to listen to this show! 

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    Charles talks with Jerome & Maria HIV Mejia about Reversed TV & HIV awareness

    in Health

    Charles talks with Jerome & Maria HIV Mejia about Reversed TV & HIV awareness. Jerome was featured on the hit TV show Reversed, he is fighting diabetes but also living with HIV. Hear his success story and how hes changed his life and what are his plans for the future. We are joined by Maria HIV Mejia a international advocate for HIV. This will be a very powerful show as both have been living with HIV and have dedicated their lives to trying to help others. We will clear up some myths and help educate on issues from diabetes to HIV. For more info on the show visit http://reversedyourhealth.com 

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    Dr. Jack Stockwell - Funny Movies and Vitamin C

    in Health

    Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell, http://www.drjackstockewll.com a NUCCA Board Certified Doctor (one of only 27 on the Planet) discuss what's more damaging to your health than smoking. Learn what effects your Zip Code can have on your health. Guess who the nutritional experts were, a hundred years ago. Do you know what Electro Magnetic Waves can do to the nervous system? Finally, learn about someone who was given a death sentence and beat it by watching funny movies and taking massive doses of Vitamin C.

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    The Knockout Project talks about living with Post Concussion Syndrome

    in Caregiving

    Jay Fraga, founder of The Knockout Project and a former BMX racer, and his wife, Jessica, a business executive and Jay's support system on his PCS journey, join me to talk about living with PCS, why he created The Knockout Project, and how his life has changed since being diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. It's a show about acceptance, facing your fears and taking control of your life. Don't miss it!!

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    Demystifying Stem Cell Transplant for Multiple Myeloma Treatment

    in Health

    In 2017 stem cell transplants remain a key option for treatment of eligible multiple myeloma patients, and in majority of patients it is done as a part of frontline therapy. Research shows that stem cell transplants significantly increases the amount of time, for which a patient has their disease under control. How safe are transplants? Who is eligible to get one? What are the side effects and how can patients tackle them? The myeloma panel is talking to Dr. Rafael Fonseca for answers to these and more on the latest developments in stem cell transplant technology in multiple myeloma treatment.
    Dr. Fonseca is currently deputy director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Getz Family Professor of Cancer and professor of medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, as well as site director, hematological malignancies, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Fonseca is a fellow of the International Society of Hematology and is board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology, and hematology. In addition, he holds professional memberships in the American Association of Cancer Research, American Society of Hematology, American Society of Clinical Oncology, and the Mexican Society of Internal Medicine, among others. Dr. Fonseca is a reviewer for numerous journals including American Journal of Hematology, American Journal of Medicine, Blood, British Journal of Haematology, Circulation, Hematologica, International Journal of Cancer, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Leukemia, New England Journal of Medicine, and is on the editorial board of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, and Leukemia. He has written more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and abstracts. Dr. Fonseca has developed an expertise in the management of plasma cell disorders. His clinical practice is primarily composed of patients with multiple myeloma, primary amyloidosis, and monoclonal gammopathy.

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    H Res 327, ICAN, Jailed Mom, Sacrificial Virgins (HPV), Vax Failure, and More!

    in Health

    Join Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, J.D. as he discusses H. Res. 327, which claims that vaccines cause no harm; ICAN's letter to DHHS regarding its failure to address vaccine safety; a mother jailed for her failure to vaccinate her son, and "vaccine custody disputes" generally; Sacrificial Virgins Documentary part 2 (HPV vaccine); whooping cough vaccines traced back to vaccine failure; vaccines for population control; manipulated influenza vaccine efficacy figures; and more! Email Attorney Phillips at attorney@vaccinerights.com with your vaccine rights questions or vaccine news, and find vaccine studies at www.vaccineresearchlibrary.com.

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    Dr. Bob Martin Sunday, October 15, 2017, Hour 2

    in Health

    If you missed the Dr. Bob show today, you missed a lot. Here are just a few of the things that were covered -:
    Dr. Bob spent the first half hour of the show discussing the results of his recent poll; Do you believe the anti anxiety drug taken by the Las Vegas Shooter caused him to snap? He later covered the reasons why Americans are the most constipated. Dr. Bob also took calls from listeners, on acid reflux and how to get rid off Atrial Fibrillation.

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    Let's talk to HSG

    in Health

    Heather Hare, Director of Communications and Outreach with the Huntington Study Group is joining us to discuss the mission of HSG and their important contributions to the HD/JHD community, including their Annual Event that will take place in Denver, Colorado on November 2nd-4th, 2017. Please join us to learn about HSG. 

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    Holistic Health Made Simple With Cochise Tarak-Saa

    in Health

    Cochise Tarak Saa visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to discuss his book,"Holistic Health Made Simple".
    Cochise Tarak-Saa is a author, health consultant and a documentary films producer. Most notably Tarak-Saa has authored 4 books on health as well as enjoyed a rich professional sports career. He is currently writing his fifth book and has recently finished co-producing a second documentary film on health titled, “Full Body Detox: The Movie” which debuted in January of 2016.
    Cochise’s view on health and wellness is very interesting as he has traveled to over 45 countries studying cultural anthropology and foreign health practices from South America to the Middle East. His various voyages have led him to examine optimal health from it’s most fundamental lense. The findings were simple. Your state of health is not a direct reflection of the amount of income you earn. How long you live has more to do with what you don’t consume (mentally & physically) than what you do. A life low in stress coupled with a diet rich in fresh produce, water, fiber and other essential nutrients are a great infrastructure for optimal health.

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    Jacques Perrin

    in Health

    Etre en yoga : c'est être relié à son corps et à soi, aux autres et à la nature, voici le descriptif de son ouvrage
    Dans ce livre, l’auteur - enseignant chercheur en Yoga et en économie - tente d’expliciter ce qui signifie d’« être en Yoga ». Il précise les questionnements que sa pratique l’a amené à formaliser sur nos manières d’ « habiter notre corps », de gérer nos émotions, de nous soigner, de vivre notre dimension spirituelle, mais également sur nos modes de « vivre ensemble » en société et nos rapports avec notre planète Terre.
    "Etre en Yoga nous permet d’accéder à une autre vision de l’homme et de sa place dans le monde que celle qui est diffusée par la culture occidentale moderne. Les développements récents dans les domaines des sciences et notamment en biologie, en sciences cognitives, en neurosciences, en anthropologie, en psychologie nous font découvrir que d’autres visions de l’homme et de sa place dans le monde sont possibles et ces dernières sont souvent proches de celles inscrites dans les cultures traditionnelles indiennes, chinoises, égyptiennes, etc. Ce livre s’adresse aux pratiquants de Yoga qui souhaitent approfondir leur pratique et à tous ceux qui veulent découvrir cette science traditionnelle qu’est le Yoga, à la lumière des sciences modernes."

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