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    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, June 29, 2016: Dial 347-850-8486 to discover natural & healthy tips for avoiding mold and fungi.  And, also learn about Symptometry's approach to the treatment and prevention of exposure to mold.   
    Tune-in to Root Cause Radio on June 29th to learn the facts & explore simple health & safety tips about mold that you may have overlooked:  
    discover the hidden dangers of exposure to mold and fungi  understand the sources for mold and fungi learn what role a healthy, scientific diet has in treatment and prevention of exposure to mold/fungi gain insight on the best ways to protect yourself from mold/fungi  Special guests include:
    Dr. Maxwell Nartey - author, professor, therapeutic scientist, founder of Symptometry & the American School of Symptometry  Ms. Carolyn Everett - Certified Symptometry Health Coach and Entrepreneur  Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.
    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health

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    The Plant Paleo Diet With Angelo Coppola

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    Angelo Coppola visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to speak on the "Plant Paleo Diet"
    Angelo Coppola is creator of The Plant Paleo Diet. He is also the host of the Latest In Paleo Podcast.
    Angelo spent 20 years in the business to business software industry in communications, UI/UX design and eventually as Vice President of Marketing for two software companies. 
    Angelo struggled with his weigh most of his life until he discovered the Paleo Diet. While on the diet, he loss 90 pounds. He has continue to redefine the diet to fit his individual needs culminating in The Plant Paleo Diet. The Plant paleo Diet consists of omnivorous, nutrient-rich whole foods.
    Angelo subscribes to the philosophy of “human beings are not broken” and practices this with a belief in a minimalist lifestyle.
    Visit http://humansarenotbroken.com to learn more.

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    This Week's guest is Tara Mann, CEO and Co Founder of Cancer Crackdown

    in Health

    Tara Mann, CEO and Co Founder of Cancer Crackdown  joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  Tara left the medical profession to help others heal naturally.  Learn about how you can address and eliminate cancer naturally.
    During the first half hour, Tony will introduce additions to our website and will talk about the health topic of his choice.
    During the second half hour, Luella's topic wil be:  Healing from cancer:  Conventional vs. natural.

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    Opening Windows of Opportunity to Serve Active Seniors

    in Caregiving

    Tune in and learn more about Maria Ciscoe, Senior Living Specialist.  Maria holds an Associates degree in Recreation Administration and can speak to many of the various moving parts about senior living, including providing educational forums and hands on workshops based on the seniors needs that contribute to increased awareness of the many care options available to help families today.
    Maria is also a sought after public speaker on the many topics associated with aging and providing care to those who are aging.  She wears many hats in the senior living industry, as she is also an instructor and provides content development for the Institute for Professional Care Education, as well as the Regional Instructor for Care and Compliance Group, authoring course content and product development of social programming in senior living and Signature Memory Program Plan.
    Joins us live today - call 929-477-1393 - Myself, Laura Wayman, The Dementia Whisperer,  Scott Cluthe, my co-host and producer and our guest, Maria Ciscoe, will be taking your questions live, supporting and encouraging you on your individual care journeys, and talking about care options.  WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!
    Or download this show as a podcast after our live show and enjoy at your convenience.

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    Let's Talk! Going Gym Free w/Marc Prescott/Beth Sims & Guest Alvin Jackson

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    Guest Alvin Jackson
    Welcome to Let's Talk!  Going Gym Free with your Hosts Marc & Beth and today's special guest Alvin Jackson, Anatomy & Physiology Instructor, Root Cause Expert, Medical Researcher and Chief Care Officer with Humana Health Link!
    Today's Conversation:  Let's Talk About "Real Paths to Wellness"
    About Alvin
    I’m from a small city in the midwest called East Saint Louis, ILAfter graduating college, I tried to do the noble thing and return to teach at the very high school I graduated from. That was a mistake! Things had changed: students openly threatened other students, parents never showed up for anything, and the students genuinely did not care about school. On top of that, Mr. Jackson (me) was breaking up fights every other day. I figured one day I’d be the one in a fight or worse yet, dead.?So that only lasted a year. Luckily, I was picked to be on Wheel of Fortune, won my episode, and walked away with all cash: $65,050...YEAH! From that, I ran a successful real estate business for 2 years. That ended when the “Great Crash of 2008” happened. Sh*t! Back to work. As life would have it, I ended up getting a position teaching anatomy and physiology, something I love. So that worked perfectly to set me up with my life plan...helping people get rid of chronic and even deadly conditions.?It’s what I now live for.Talk about finding a life purpose...this is the ultimate for me!
    The opinions expressed during this radio broadcast are for inspiration, information and entertainment purposes only.
    This show is a production of Atlanta Life Radio and to learn more visit us at www.atlantaliferadio.com

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    Malnutrition is not just a problem for under developed countries!

    in Health

    Never before have we witnessed so many affluent countries with so many malnourished, yet obese people. This paradox is what is known as a poor and toxic diet. Powerfully put into place by large industrial crop grower, and chemically fed animals, as well as chemically fed farm raised fish.
    Henry Kissinger said: Control oil and you control nations, but when you control food you then can control the people. Think about the big food and drug industry!  Tune in wednesday at 7:PM for the rest of the story.

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    Walk On The Well Side Reunion And A New Beginning

    in Health

    Hey it's Lesly Federici and co-host Rich Cooper. the dynamic duo is BACK!  We are Shaklee lovers sharing heath information, news about our products, helping entrpreneurs, and having fun too.. hope to hear you on the call .. as you can call in ! Grab a cup of coffee/tea, kick your feet up, relaxc, and hang out with us!

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    The Skinny On Obesity and Aspartame

    in Weight Loss

    Does aspartame make you really lose weight? What are the health risks involved with consuming products containing aspartame? In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer interviews the Honorable Mary Nash Stoddard, founder of the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline to talk about The "Skinny" On Obesity and Aspartame.
    Today's show is sponsored by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! When you shop online at EdenFoods.com enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website.
    Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Monday through Friday @6pm Eastern and visit our contest section at www.theorganicview.com/contests to win one of our monthly prizes!

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    Managing Pain Your Way with Live Plan Be Self-Management Tool

    in Health

    Have you been looking for a way to better manage your pain? Pain BC's free online self-management tool, Live Plan Be, offers you a concrete way to track and assess your pain and its impacts, set goals, learn more about pain science, and connect with others in a secure forum. Learn more about how it works in this episode of Pain Waves Radio, where we chat to our Director of Education and Engagement, Jen Hanson. Find out how Live Plan Be came about, more about its different features, and how you can best use it to help you manage your pain. If you want to check out the tool or sign up for your free account, go to www.liveplanbe.ca. 
    **Please note that we are no longer accepting call-ins to Pain Waves Radio. 

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    Borre al Instante Problemas de Relaciones, Estrés de Finanzas, Propósito y Carre

    in Health

    Aquí está el Numero para Llamar: (718) 664-6366
    Problemas con relaciones de largo tiempo Divorcios/rompimientos dolorosos Atraer “FUERTEMENTE” a la NUEVA pareja Disfunción Sexual Falta de intimidad emocional Falta de afección y cumpliento o satisfacción sexual Deseo y lujuria Fortalecer cualquier relación y llevarla al siguiente nivel más alto o tal alto como usted lo desee y decida Urgencias incontrolables y distracciones ¿CARRERA Y PROPOSITO EN LA VIDA?: Odia su empleo pero lo mantiene para llegar a fin de mes Vive de semana a semana sin ahorros y además con deudas ¿ESTRES FINACIERO?: Está luchando por problemas de Dinero o de Finanzas EL DINERO ES SOLO ENERGIA… Pare toda la charla negativa que constantemente sucede en su mente Borre todos los obstáculos para las finanzas que se interponen a su éxito Borre las dudas sobre sí mismo ¡BORRE EL ESTRÉS Y DOLOR – RESULTADOS AL INSTANTE!

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    Grove's Avenue - Live With Aroga Chairman Grove Bennett & Special Guests

    in Health

    Welcome to Grove's Avenue, Featuring Aroga Chairman & CEO Grove Bennett and The Accu Man, Adam Broker. This week's show will feature more members of the Aroga family of company members as weil as some new testimonails of members of the Aroga Worldwide family. We have a lot of information to share and you really do not want to miss this great opportunity for you to hear from the Chairman!

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