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    Young Forever

    in Health

     In 15 Minutes I will share with you How My Company Discovered The Source of Aging! Most importaly How You can Manage the Aginig Process! SCience has answered the Source of Aging when science unraveled the Human Geneome in 1995!

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    "Cancer Had No Chance"

    in Weight Loss

    Join The Total You with SH'Donna Marie broadcast tonight  with Total Life Changes Director Zetta Crawford "Cancer Had No Chance!" Monday 19th @ 9pm EST You don't want to miss her testimony of triumph!! http://blogtalkradio.com/shdonnamarie

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    You are Not Alone in Your Weight Loss Process!

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    Sometimes we just don't want to exercise.  It is exhausting and just is not built into our lives.  What if you knew some insider health and trainer expert secrets that would maiximize you weight loss efforts? Join physician, Dr. Julia Bowlin and her guest Janis Thornton.  She is a virtual & in-home personal trainer, natural health & wellness coach, and essential oil expert.  You will learn how to
    Look leaner Increase your strength and energy Enhance your metabolism Unraveled several myths about weight training and being a woman Janis Thornton will review even more about 
    The Top 5 things that make weight loss hard. Whether you should  incorporate strength training in your workouts and why? The top 6 benefits of weight training The top 5 myths about strength training How hard should you be exercising? How important is eating healthy?  "Can’t I exercise the calories away?" Tips & Tricks for successful/healthy eating.

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    Life's Litte Journey

    in Health

    Living healthy by giving your body what it need

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    A Mystic's Mind - A Guide to Medical Miracles

    in Health

      Medical-Intuition is the practice and use of extra-sensory-perceptions to perceive ones energetic manifested representation (soul) which is theoretically believed to be what manifest into symptoms. There are three types of Medical-Intuition. One, uses extra-sensory-perceptions to categorize and diagnose symptoms. Two, the use of extra-sensory-perceptions to recognize subconscious beliefs and emotional habit patterns that manifest into symptoms. Third, is the use of extra-sensory-perceptions to find and prescribe the most helpful remedies, medication or habit changes. This program focuses only on the second.
        As a natural born Shaman, Devan Byrne’s thoughts have revolved around the attempts to express his natural gift of spiritual-comprehension. While his younger life mostly consisted of the attempts to fit-in the world, he has never been fully able to succeed in surrendering the spiritual-experiences that naturally occur in his life, sufficiently to fit-in society. When he finally realized that his gift was not meant to be squished and kept to himself, he sought on a journey of self-realization.  While it consisted of a lot of spiritual mile-stones, it also consisted of a lot of pain and sacrifices. He contests to never seeing the world the same again. 

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