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Empowering women and girls to heal a story in their life and to connect with their inner authority and innate wisdom which leads them to a richer expression of their unique gifts and leadership.

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http://www.maryannhesse.com/ Our conversation is centered around the fine art of ?Parenting a Parent?. Maryann talks about how she was able to stay in her own personal power as she dealt with her mother's dementia and eventual passing, and how she is walking a ‘fine line' between being both the parent and the child with her 94 year young father. Experiencing first hand that it's never too late to create a harmonious relationship with your loved ones; she is passionate about helping others do just that. Her motto: Whatever you are not Changing, you are Choosing! Maryann Hesse is committed to being a safe place where women naturally relax into who they really are and feel truly seen and heard. As a Women's Empowerment Coach she gently facilitates you to deeper connections with yourself and your loved ones as you take your next steps for your highest evolution. Visit her website for a Free Harmonious Relationships Kit at http://www.maryannhesse.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryannhesse
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www.mamaporter.com Karen Porter talks about the story she wrote called Generations: The Evolution of Love. It includes the Eulogy she wrote for her father's funeral last year and a journey of care taking and love. The story is in... more

www.nukhets.com Nukhet is a contributing author in the book, "Tender Voices: True Stories by Women on a Journey of Love." She is a speaker and angel and dolphin communicator. Our conversation is centered around the topics of loving... more

Jamie Dee Schiffer is the guest of the show talking about how healing past pain opens a whole new world of understanding and ability to communicate with others and with ourselves. She will share how writing and the healing of her... more

www.healmyvoice.org Celebrating the voices of women in the release of the 4th Heal My Voice Book called Harmonic Voices: True Stories by Women on the Path to Peace! This show is a conversation with Safira and Andrea Hylen. Safira... more

?http://www.A-Passionate-Life.com Jamie Dee Schiffer and Andrea Hylen have a conversation about making peace with your past so that you can release those ties and reclaim the passion of your youth. Jamie is an author in... more

www.healmyvoice.org Celebrating the authors of the book Harmonic Voices: True Stories by Women on the Path to Peace. Margaret Osondu is a native of Boston MA now living in western North Carolina. Margaret believes in dreams... more

www.healmyvoice.org Join Andrea Hylen and Karen Porter as they get real and keep it real. As part of the series celebrating authors in Harmonic Voices, True Stories by Women on a Path to Peace Karen will share the story behind her... more

www.healmyvoice.org Join Andrea Hylen, Karen Porter and Dotti Drumm talking about life, love and art. Dotti, a true creative, lives her life as a work of art. Old friends, Andrea, Dotti and Karen share a history of homeschooling their kids,... more

www.healmyvoice.org. Penny Greeley's story ?Like the Center of a Compass? will be featured in the upcoming Heal My Voice project ?Harmonic Voices: True Stories By Women On The Path To Peace.? Recently while playing a game of... more

http://www.simplyorganizedtoday.com/ A conversation with Beth Bracaglia. Beth is an author in the book Harmonic Voices: True Stories by Women on the Path to Peace. A story about her beloved dogs. Beth has over fifteen years experience... more