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Bruce Manaka - Exploring the Nuances and Subtleties of Sound and Vibration

  • Broadcast in Music
Healing the World through Music

Healing the World through Music


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Interview with Bruce Manaka, Exploring the Nuances and Subtleties of Sound and Vibration.  Stressed out and running short on time?

Do you ever wish you could FEEL GREAT, instead of just thinking about how you wish you could feel better.  Well, here is your chance! Bruce describes the body’s unbelievable potential to experience bliss vibration, which is fascinating and a primary area of exploration for Bruce. In fact, he gives a sneak preview to the upcoming new book, he is working on which explores the topic of experiencing bliss in the body.

In this interview Bruce, describes the very real experience of feeling bliss circulate through the spine and the body.  He talks about the deeper levels of listening and feeling that can lead one to experience an expansion of consciousness and an expansion of the bodily field of awareness.

The body has an amazing amount of wisdom in knowing what to do, and how to heal itself, although we often try to resist that wisdom, using our smart intellect.  Well, there are ways around this, ways of out-smarting the intellect, and Bruce has these solutions!!

You will learn how to connect with nuances and subtleties of sound and vibration, as a way of connecting with your body, you heart, and the chakras.

In short, music and sound provide a real simple and direct way of accessing the energies that can help you in finding your life path.  Bruce Manaka is gifted at facilitating the opening and awareness of what they may be for you.

Tune in to this podcast and discover what Bruce has to share about music and sound and the effects of their vibration on your body!  Yes, you can experience bliss in this lifetime.

Learn more about Bruce Manaka and his offerings of art, sound healing, and creative encouragement, on his website http://www.manakastudios.com