Healing the World through Music

Healing the World through Music


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Tune it and hear stories of people who have been healed by music, the music that inspired them, the musicians and bands who play music that heals! TESTIMONIALS: "I was hoping it was longer. As it was, you packed in a lot of good information." "Cheri, Nice. Thanks for sharing. Very eloquent." ~ Jovani

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Join me as I interview Sandy and Jack Naughton, of the Jack City Blues Band! "If you haven't heard Jack, you haven't heard the Blues!" That's what they say, and I am convinced it is true! Tune in to find out why music dosen't have to be... more

Ian Franklin Wilkerson – Music Therapy Programs. Ian is Founder of Bay Area Music Therapy. He's a Board Certified Music Therapist and son of a Reichian therapist, who comes from a family of healers. He has refined his... more

?Just imagine, it can be so simple, as set an intention, and listen to a piece of music.? Meet Jim Oliver, in my eyes he is combined composer, musician, magician, and mathematician. Jim has researched and discovered unique... more

Interview with Randy Masters, Maestro of the Singing Universe. Find out why I refer to Randy Masters as a modern day Leonardo DaVinci. If you're like me, you will soon become curious about the effects that music and sound can have... more

In this fascinating interview, Barnim boggles my mind as he lays out the principles of the Cosmic Octave, a sequence based on the so-called formula of the ‘octavation process', developed in 1978 by Swiss mathematician and... more

Interview with Bruce Manaka, Exploring the Nuances and Subtleties of Sound and Vibration. Stressed out and running short on time? Do you ever wish you could FEEL GREAT, instead of just thinking about how you wish you could feel... more

This is a continuation of the previous call, an interview call with Jan Cercone, the founder of Solara Center and in this call Jan and Cheri talk about the fact that we are vibrational beings, how our environment can influence our... more

Music is a powerful healing modality. Sound and vibration are important components of what makes music such an intense experience for the human mind and body. In this program, we explore various styles and genres of music that... more