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Most people are aware of the connection between the mind, body and spirit and how it influences our health and well being. They have simply forgotten that all three must be in balance for optimal wellness. If you have a comment or question, be sure to log into our Chat ~or~ send a message to HealingHouseRadio@the-healing-house.com

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Healing House with Dr. Ayleen
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Healing House with Dr. Ayleen

For the past decade, I have had the pleasure and honor of being a doctor of Chiropractic. In that time, I've answered many question from patients about their conditions. I have also worked with family and friends to understand the medical... more

There is a wonderful self-empowerment and self-recovery process called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It is a 12-week process that allows us to re-discover and release the joyous, creative being that lies within us that was... more

"Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should" Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park One of my old teachers used to say, "Can is a question of ability". Just because we... more

Happy New Year! as we begin 2014, there is more to occupy our minds than remembering to write the correct date. January seems almost a transitional month. Simular to the first month that you move into a new place, knowing in your mind... more

Once again, we've come to the last show of the year. On behalf of producer Kyna and myself, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons! Today's episode will look back and forward at the same time. We'll explore how to find the gifts that... more

Cultures all over the world acknowledge the importance of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Although it is no longer common for most to spend the winter months in isolation, waiting for the sun to return, we can still find the gifts... more

Healing House Radio with Dr. Ayleen Generally, we are all our own worst critics. On today's episode, we will be looking at becoming our own champion, by releasing our attachment to what we feel we should be and accepting who and... more

One of the most challenging aspects of the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's day is remaining in a balanced state of mind. Whether it is finances, family, friends or forces of nature, we often feel that we're in over or heads. Today,... more

On behalf of producer Kyna and I, we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! The tradition of the day is to give thanks for all the blessings and people in or lives. Today on Healing House Radio, we'll be looking at the other side of giving... more
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