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Healing Hearts His way

Healing Hearts His way


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Is your heart broken? Do you want peace? Tell me your story and lets talk about God's promises for your life, the reason He created you.

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As a Christian I see so much conflict all around me. People in the world are troubled and that's saying it simply. What began to trouble my mind was the conflict I began to notice among Christians. I went to God and talked to Him... more

We've all been there ~ wondering what your next step is, wondering when you will hear from God on a direction for your life. God certainly speaks to us many ways, through His Word, others, creations, His still small voice are a few examples.... more

Dealing with disappointment and opening our eyes to the bigger picture - God's higher calling for us. The Apostles experienced sore trials as Paul shares in II Corintians 1:8-9 Sometimes God allows disappointment in order to teach us to... more

I would like to introduce Peter Harmych. Peter and I met on Facebook, as so many of us do today. My husband Scott and I have had the priveledge of him extending his kind heart to us with prayer and guidance on several occasions.... more

God tells us to be Holy just as He is Holy. Leviticus 11:44; 20:26 & I Peter 1:13-16 He is not asking us to be something we cannot be. What does being Holy mean? I Corinthians 4:5 tells us when Jesus returns, "He will bring to light what... more

Jesus said forgive 70x7. That's 490 times. Do you think it's hardest to forgive the first time or the 490th time? Jesus never gave up on me and when I felt His forgivenss of my own sins it changed my entire life. Listen and allow Jesus to... more

Tell your story and let's discuss how God shows compassion. Psalms 103:8 says The LORD is compassionate and gracious, Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness. Do you believe God is a harsh Judge waiting to catch you in a... more

We live in a world where most walk around without HOPE. When I'm out in public I tend to look deep into people's eyes and I do not see people enjoying life as Christ said He came to bring John 10:10 ...us life more abundantly. The first half... more

How does God's love differ from man's? What is love? How can a well meaning Christian that's trying to follow God and obey His word be deceived and have their heart broken by what they perceive as Christians? Tonight we are discussing... more

Lord, today I ask you to allow me to speak the words of a Prophet. People are hungry to know which path to take, what to do while we watch our Government change the course of direction we came to feel safety in. Prophetic Words for all... more