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This show is about interviews of people with special gifts and talents and how they can use these gifts to help you and heal you from within. Psychic readings will also be provided if requested or needed.

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Pearl Prather was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and currently resides in Thonotosassa with her husband Stan of 26 years. She has two children, who are now grown and off on their own and three beautiful grandsons who keep... more

Lai comes from a long line of European psychics and has worked all over the world as a psychic. She has also visited many holy and spiritual places, like the pyramids in Egypt, the cave where Jesus hid with the Virgin Mary and Joseph,... more

Tony Valen and Crew talk about Healing From Within With Tony Valen Show. They are here to talk about behind the scenes, Who does what and a little more information as to who Tony Valen is and Why he created the Show.

Kimberly G. Lewis Kimberly G. Lewis, originally from New Jersey has worked in security at two US embassies In Amman Jordan and Kuwait. At present she lives in south Tampa with her husband Lt. Colonel Mark Lewis and has... more

Event Purpose: To educate, entertain, and enlighten the general public on the benefits of wholistic (body, mind and spirit) healing modalities and products. Our mission is also to promote local holistic practitioners and businesses, and to... more

Francisco (Frank) Valentin is an Autodidact who started his search for higher truth at the young age of 17 right after his first NDE back in 1979. What makes Frank unique is that he had a 33 year learning curve before he was given the gift of... more

Delfin has the gift of dreams. They either warn him or give him information on questions he has. He has also been a sensitive or empath all his life. He picks up on the vibrations of others and the feelings of other people. He has... more

Black Cats Paranormal Investigators consist of two female investigators, actively eager to find proof of the after life and to show you this evidence through our documented investigations, evidence and videos which will appear on... more

About the Artist A 25 year old Cuban American artist and a recent arts administration graduate based out of Boston, MA. She created the Floriography Tarot deck and it is an ongoing project from 2010 that evolved into so... more

Rev. Kitione "Kit" Mitchell Evidential Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Counselor & Coach, Reiki Master, Healer Although Kit has been doing spiritual work since 1982, he feels he began his professional career as a medium in 2004 when he... more