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Jeanne Christie, a Therapeutic Channeler from the U.K., Pure Windsong from the Netherlands and Gary Moore from The U.S. are co-hosting this LIVE Healing Show. Our Website is The Goldring Healing Fountain. The show will feature different healers each week, who will be utilizing different modalities of healing...... There is a difference between curing someone and healing someone. Medicine is a science, But healing is an art...... Science is from the mind, Art is from the heart....... Healing energies flow when hearts connect. Why not take part in this beautiful co-creation, either to send out healing to others and to receive it yourself. It is something that everyone needs, until we ascend! It is our purpose to know each other and knowing of the gifts/skills. Using that skills to empower each other in healing on planetary cosmic level, (re)-creating our world as a better place to live in. Now Is the time! You may just put your name on our healing list on http:goldringhealingfountain.wetpaint.com Or sit down, enjoy the pure healing , beautiful music, and information or just simply relax and unwind, de-stress in a loving vibration. "Witness the art of healing that adjusts itself to each individual separately, and yet finds a common ground and foundation from where the entire humanity can be healed by finding inspiration to heal itself as a whole. The I AM" With special thanks to sourcevibrations.com for their beautiful Solfeggio Music.

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Call us on Monday for the welcome return of Jill, who invites us to Use Vibrational Energy: it is as easy as using your own voice or just humming to create powerful energy for healing yourself and your world. Ancient Masters understood the methods to use vibrational energy as a tool to heal others - whether or not they knew they were being healed - and to transform their communities and themselves! Without an understanding of the methods of changing our world with vibrational energy, we are at risk of being de-tuned without our awareness. Join the show and remember how powerful sound energy is and how you, the master of your world, can use it to make surprising changes! . Jill Mattson is an author, artist, musician and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing. In fact she won the 2016 Visionary Music Award ! Jill lectures throughout North America on "Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing," taking followers on an exciting journey revealing the healing power of sound. She unveils secrets from ancient cultures as well as the latest findings of the modern scientific community showing the incredible potential and healing capabilities of sound. www.jillshealingmusic.com and www.musicforbeauty.com. http://goldringhealingfountain.wikifoundry.com
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On-Demand Episodes

Join us on Monday at 5Pm Edt 10Pm Bst, for the welcome return of Dr.Paul Haider, he will be teaching people to do QiGong Hands on Healing! Dr. Haider is Award Winning Author for OM Times Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine,... more

Call us this Monday at 5Pm Edt 10Pm Bst for your free individual reading! Rev. Diana is a retired RN of 32 years. She was board certified holistic in 2002 and obtained her ND in 200. She was born in Indiana, and has been living in Florida... more

Join us on Monday for the welcome return of Marcushealing4innerpeace with the True Nature Of DNA- ie: understanding the true nature of our souls, and that relationship with the Consciousness of Creation itself! At 5Pm Edt 10Pm Bst.... more

Join us this Monday for this Bank Holiday special with Jane Dawson! She will be discussing 'How to Let The universe Assist You, and taking callers! Let Jane look into your soul energy and connect with the other realms to heal and transform... more

This Monday we welcome back Laura Pieratt, at 5Pm Edt 10 Pm Bst, She is a Renowned Speaker, Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Channel. ' Embracing the Transition,' is the show theme and Laura will be discussing and... more

Join us this Monday at 10 pm Bst 5Pm Edt to welcome back the lovely Cindy Bentley for 'YOU ARE ASCENDING!' 'We are definite;y in higher energies and just as we learn how to navigate our life in a new frequency; we seem to... more

Join us this Monday at 5Pm Edt 10Pm Bst for another great show with Live music , with our very talented musician- resident Harpist Dec! He says ' The Future You IS Healthy! - 'How you react to that statement says a lot about your state of... more

Join us this Monday at 5Pm Edt, 10Pm Bst for the welcome return of our ' Resident Holistic Doctor' - DR.PAUL HAIDER- A MASTER HERBALIST, from San Juan , Puerto Rico ! He will be taking callers and speaking about... more

Join us this Monday at 5Pm Est 10Pm Gmt for the welcome return of author Claire Candy Hough! She has another new Novel coming to Amazon, shortly called ' I Am An Angelic Walk-in' Readers first met Angel Ariel in Claire Candy... more
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