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Jeanne Christie, a Therapeutic Channeler from the U.K., Pure Windsong from the Netherlands and Gary Moore from The U.S. are co-hosting this LIVE Healing Show. Our Website is The Goldring Healing Fountain. The show will feature different healers each week, who will be utilizing different modalities of healing...... There is a difference between curing someone and healing someone. Medicine is a science, But healing is an art...... Science is from the mind, Art is from the heart....... Healing energies flow when hearts connect. Why not take part in this beautiful co-creation, either to send out healing to others and to receive it yourself. It is something that everyone needs, until we ascend! It is our purpose to know each other and knowing of the gifts/skills. Using that skills to empower each other in healing on planetary cosmic level, (re)-creating our world as a better place to live in. Now Is the time! You may just put your name on our healing list on http:goldringhealingfountain.wetpaint.com Or sit down, enjoy the pure healing , beautiful music, and information or just simply relax and unwind, de-stress in a loving vibration. "Witness the art of healing that adjusts itself to each individual separately, and yet finds a common ground and foundation from where the entire humanity can be healed by finding inspiration to heal itself as a whole. The I AM" With special thanks to sourcevibrations.com for their beautiful Solfeggio Music.

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Join us this Monday at 5Pm Edt 10Pm Gmt for the welcome return of Cindy Bentley who asks 'Do you feel Energeticall Compromised'? 'We are energetic Beings, composed of Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical Bodies of energy vibrating at a frequency. We have energy that should be constantly flowing from Divine Source. What causes the blockages of our energy flow & how do we feel when this happens? Daily I am working with clients to clear away all that compromises their energy Flow! The less compromise you have the more light can flow increasing frequency & clarity. Callers are welcome to have Vindy check their energy fields to fund any compromise. Cindy has practiced for 15 years working with Divine Beings to clear & transmute negative energies & attachments in clients energy fields allowing them to hold higher frequencies. ' She is a renowned Author, speaker & teacher, helping one navigate their life to attract more clarity & joy. Cindy works to help heal homes, land & sacred sites around the Planet. Cindy Bentley RN International Energy Practitioner www.dnareconnection.com http://goldringhealingfountain.wikifoundry.com
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