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Healing Circles

Healing Circles: Sisters on Call


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Chinese Medicine Practitioner Anne Stanley, MAOM, L.Ac., and Reiki Practitioner, Community Organizer and Health Educator, Jennifer McCormick, MPH, address your holistic health concerns.

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Addictions affect our core of being. In this episode we will trace the path emotional, spiritual and physical depletion why depletion can lead to substance abuse as a means to access and bolster the body's energy. Please join us!

Are you clogging yourself with emotional bacon? There are many ways that we feast on our emotions everyday that can truly result in patterns that make us sick. Although it is entertaining in the short term--in the long term, building an identity... more

We're not buying into the Ebola scare, nor the general vaccine-based fears pushed into our lives every winter season. YOU are powerful and if you're not certain you are, then here are some great tools for recognizing symptom onset... more

Roaches, scorpions, and wasps...Oh, My! Bugs have been a source of herbal medicine for thousands of years. But, they are also a source of delicious chow found in restaurants and street markets around the world. So, let's clear some... more

You may catch colds easily, suffer from night sweating, constantly have cold feet and hands. Whatever your condition, whether it's been diagnosed, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid insufficiency, Allergies...there are... more

It typically takes 7-10 years for cells to become mutated enough to be diagnosed as cancerous. Based on Western Medicine standards, this classifies it as a Chronic Condition. So, why the big rush, fear, and fatalism associated with... more

In this episode we will discuss how to use your imagination for healing. For several years, we have helped clients to develop an awareness of what we call their "healing vocabulary", or their own set of healing images that can begin to... more

Don McCormick is our guest on this episode. His experience in managing physician networks, healthcare contracts, and insurance extends for more than 50 years. He's a rare gem in his field and can guide you to find logical and... more

How does depression occur in terms of Chinese Medicine? What can we do to create movement in our lives to heal from this binding energy? How to identify cultural influences which worsen or help create depressive patterns, such as... more

Many use the term 'body image' to describe our internalized sense of what we look like. For most of us, there is a relatively good match between what we think we look like and how we appear to other people. In this episode of Healing... more