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"IS EVERYBODY IN? IS EVERYBODY IN? IS EVERYBODY IN? THE CEREMONY IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!" Tonight we will celebrate the 70th birthday of Jim Morrison! We will explore the psychology of darkness,facing your... more

We hear enough about light workers and it seems like a damn fashion show these days! Yes, the ultimate goal is to acheive light, but it goes misunderstood if you're not facing your demons and you acheive spiritual light by going into no... more

A couple of days ago it was the Autumn Equinox! Symbollically Falling leaves are a sign of transformation & change. The ending of "something" in order to make room for "something new" So, we will take the wisdom from the trees and... more

Here is wisdom for he who can calculate the number of the beast for it is mans # 666 which is carbon, which is mentioned in the book to reveal in the book of Sun Worship. 96% of the Universe is dark matter! Everybody is claiming they are a... more

People call it by many names in many different cultures, but the question is how can one get access to this secret power that could grant access to our unlimited powers and longevity? What can one do if this thing awakens? Find out more... more

Many enlightened beings speak about enlightenment and how to reach it. Many people speak about chakras, but the wheels of light are actually our Endocrine glands which come on in the form of elixirs! Tonight we will go in depth about... more

With so much evolution and change going on, on the planet. Join Metaphysicians Michael Pratt & Andy Lai as we bring practical information to evolve your entire cellular structure, activate your Ancient DNA, techniques to evolve your... more

Journey with Metaphysician Bro Michael Pratt, as we enter into the darkness, the unknown, we will go deeply into the journey of Self-Realization, Michael Pratt's discovery of how the stars aligned for him, and how that can inspire us to... more

Join Metaphysician Bro Michael as we go in depth about what is the concept of the philosopher's stone? Can we shift reality with our thought forms? Where did the greatest Scientific and Spiritual breakthroughs originate from? What... more

Journey with Metaphysican, Chi Kung teacher Michael Pratt as he goes into metaphysics, accessing the 5th dimension. The importance of your Imagination, how to use the astral world to manifest your desires! The power of your... more
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