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After taking her final bow as being one of the featured designers at the Congressional Black Caucus yearly event, Maria Wall wanted to expand her horizons. She was sponsored into the Chesapeake Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (aka The Emmy's) and adding to her accomplishments, she was awarded multiple Telly Awards. Maria stated, “I always believed in the saying when much is given, much is expected.” After noticing a need for younger people to have a venue to express their inner feelings, she developed a youth media program affording disadvantaged children the opportunity to express themselves through video. After working with other non profit organizations, Maria saw the need to expedite the services she offered therefore she founded The Wall Foundation Inc. a 501 (c) (3) community non profit. Maria Noticed that before she could help heal the children she had to expand her reach to heal the parents as well. Thus Healing Through Hurt was born to provide those without a voice a place to be heard. The Foundation is run on private donations solely. If you would like to contact us you may email: contact@thewallfoundationinc.org or U.S. mail : Healing Through Hurt i-Talk Radio at P.O. Box 272, Randallstown, Maryland 21133-0272 or give us a call at 202-618-2556. The Wall Foundation Inc. is proud to present Healing Through Hurt i-Talk Radio: Real People, Real Stories, Real Hurt & Real Healing! You do not have to live in silence anymore here you can find your voice and let it *ROAR* I am a survivor of Domestic Violence & marital rape among other health issues so I am right here with you, I have walked a mile and more in your shoes and now I am here to help carry you along your road to peace and freedom. Maria Wall Producer/Director Member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau Founder of The Wall Foundation Inc. *NO MATTER WHAT YOUR HURT IS THE TIME TO HEAL IS NOW*

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The GRIND and SHINE for today 08/26/2016 3:00am The Power of Your Wind The weekend is here, time for many of us to simply breathe, regroup, refresh and rejuvenate. Life is far too short to keep all of our disappointments, frustrations,... more

Tonight is all about being "people pleasers" from the : The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/11/2016 3:01am I am Sorry! Many times we find ourselves saying we are sorry then asking forgiveness without knowing what we are sorry for. OK... more

Welcome to our Saturday morning hour of inspiration and power This weeks dicsussion comes from: The GRIND and SHINE for today: 08/19/2016 3:10am Being Mindful Be very mindful of what you keep your mind full of. The road of... more

Time to stand up and speak our truths. You see many of us will never be free until we speak the other side to the lies. Too many people either do not care to hear the rest of the story or they are too ignorant to know there is another side... more

The one-way road to nowhere Some people are on a one-way road to nowhere. They have no desire to reach any new heights, goals or destinies. They are content existing. We need to enjoy all that life has to offer while we can... more

There was a ship with a name like Goliath of the SEA (not really but you know what I am saying) It was many times larger than the ship we were traveling on. For one small moment I was a bit envious and the ship I was traveling on... more

This week we are discussing the beauty that every single woman possesses. Some may be cosmetic while others are natural from the inside outwardly. Even when we are down we shine through our resilience. Even when we are... more

Many have heard the saying that "one cannot pour from an empty cup" Today I want to look at the empty cup from different angles. First and foremost we must make sure we are putting something into the cup that is worth pouring. I... more

I have spoke many times about the power of our "NO" You see when you know your no you will know when it is time to go! We tend to hold on far too long to things we need to let go of becasue the longer we hold the deeper we fall... more
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